Part of the local emergency response under heavy haze "as a mere formality" to increase regional pollution – Beijing 10, much of the North once again shrouded in haze. Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Xi’an and other cities in moderate to severe pollution, environmental protection departments predict the current round of haze will continue for several days. Since the beginning of winter, much of the country suffered haze attack. From November 2nd onwards, the Ministry of environmental protection has sent 12 inspection teams continued in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Jiangsu and other provinces and regions to carry out supervision. Reporter survey found that in some places to deal with heavy pollution weather is weak, the emergence of individual monitoring data explosion table warning does not start. In addition, there are places to stop the zombie enterprise is also included in the list of emergency emission reduction. 9, Hebei Province, the province around the air pollution control issued No. 1 "scheduling order, strengthen supervision and scheduling for all localities and departments of heavy pollution weather emergency measures and level requirements, to promote the" peak deceleration of air pollutants". Hebei provincial environmental protection department supervision and inspection teams to Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Xingtai and other places. Reporter 10, followed by the steering group has started heavy pollution weather emergency response level of Shijiazhuang supervision three. In accordance with the provisions of the emergency shutdown, the building materials industry, construction and building materials and other outdoor construction work should stop work, and strengthen the material field and bare ground cover, sprinkler dust suppression measures. But in Yuanshi County Xi Hao of asphalt mixing station, inspection personnel to enter, although the enterprise has stopped, but with the hand pump or hot asphalt. Inspectors said that 9 days to stop the production of zero, but it is estimated that the site is only one to two hours of real production. Reporters saw in the sand and gravel yard, no cover, no watering measures. In addition to the enterprise, the Ministry of environmental protection supervision found that some local emergency warning slow and pollution control ineffective. Ministry of Environmental Protection Bulletin shows that the current round of fog and haze, the actual heavy and serious pollution in Daqing lasted 37 hours, of which AQI reached up to 24 hours, should start red warning. But Daqing only predicted a day of heavy pollution, the actual launch of orange warning. Tongliao Inner Mongolia AQI index has continued to reach 500, under the supervision of the environmental protection department, only to start the blue warning. This is not the first time. The reporter learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, October, Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding area has suffered heavy pollution in some places, the actual pollution level has reached the start red warning standard, but start level two levels lower than the actual situation. Experts pointed out that the individual places, etc., rely on, drag, the actual pollution exceeds the warning threshold, still do not start the appropriate contingency plans, not only affect the local, but also lead to regional pollution accumulation. Reporters found that some local emergency measures on the oral attention, but in the implementation of the field". Reporters found that in some places the establishment of heavy pollution emergency headquarters, in charge of leading the team, but to the actual situation is frequent. For example, the North China province emergency command to convey the warning information, some government departments often encounter artificial fax unanswered, forecast and warning information can not be served. Harbin in September this year, heavy pollution weather emergency plan into.相关的主题文章: