Peng Jiapeng planned the opera "Dunhuang love" real historical background – Sohu culture channel opera "Dunhuang love" will begin at the National Theatre on November 13, 2016. The picture shows the love of Dunhuang, the total planning: Peng Jiapeng. For respondents figure Beijing news August 29th reporter learned from the famous music conductor Peng Jiapeng, opera "Dunhuang love" will begin at the National Theatre on November 13, 2016. The real history background, virtual romantic story — the opera "Dunhuang love" the script is based on full respect for history, rich romantic imagination, the creation of the new opera script. In opera, time, place, occasion and characters, both the real and virtual coexistence of creative means. Time. The opera story set to the year 754, this is because the "rebellion" occurred in the year 755. Prior to this, is just the period of the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan famous spirit. The opera "the love of Dunhuang" is the theme of the praises of the Chinese nation powerful propaganda power is the CAS, and that the destruction of national civil strife, ethnic strife in. Therefore, the choice of this time node, can fully show the opera theme. Of course, it is not long in this period, did indeed attack Wuwei Tibet Tibet a city and the city of Dunhuang, and 764 years after the fall of Wuwei, the 97 years of occupation. While Dunhuang has been besieged for ten years, was also the Tibetan occupation, into Tibet rule. Place. The location of the opera was set up in Dunhuang and Mogao Grottoes. The city of Dunhuang and the Mogao Grottoes are real, and a cave is virtual. The reason why a virtual cave, rather than a specific cave, it is because a virtual grotto can not be limited by a specific fixed scene of a cave, you can start the development of the romantic story. Of course, although virtual, but the virtual grotto is also based on the true cave story. The story of the grotto in the opera is inspired by the 220 caves, which are related to the details of the grotto art, mostly around the 220 grottoes. Chose 220 Grottoes as virtual cave foundation, that is because the 220 grottoes are representatives of early Tang art work, began to guide Dunhuang Han culture art, it was a prelude to his art to the world Chinese output. The opera "the love of Dunhuang" is the pursuit of Chinese opera and let the world, let Chinese Chinese style of folk music and singing art to the world, because of so selected landmark publicity to the world 220 China style grotto as the story took place. Characters. The choice of the characters in the opera has also taken a combination of real and virtual techniques. The role of the owner of the grotto is real, but the name is slightly changed. The true master (donors) 220 caves called Zhai, but in the opera to Zhai hao. The reason why he changed his name was because he didn’t want to be specific to a person in the history of the event, so as to create an opera story around him. The hero in the opera is a virtual painter, the reason for the name of Lee, because at that time the Mogao Grottoes does not allow artists to write their names on the murals. To this end, only because the Tang Dynasty emperor surname!相关的主题文章: