Landscaping-Gardening If you have a small plot of ground near your kitchen exterior door then it might be time to think about putting that plot of land to its best use. Such a small piece of land will be the perfect place to start a potager garden. You can make your garden project a wonderful neighborhood point of interest while enhancing interest with a bit of a history lesson behind the potager garden which is based in 16th century France. Over the past few years potager gardens have be.e extremely popular in the garden design world. Potager is a French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden. The historical design precedent is from the Gardens of the French Renaissance and Baroque Garden la franaise eras. From wealthy landowners to the lowest landowner in France during that time all had their own kitchen garden located close to the kitchen for convenience and proximity to water. Wealthy landowners adopted a look typically more formal and larger, often outlined in stone. Lower in.e families would have a more casual rounded edge for their garden. The center of the gardens would feature a tall structure that was often ornamental and would allow beans and roses to climb and give food as well as beauty to the area. Some might favor the style of knot gardens or designs that repeat a certain pattern or a symmetrical shape while other chose a more random look and feel. Plants of many different heights would often be trained to grow upwards alongside low lying plants. Plants were chosen for their functionality as well as for their color and form. A well-designed potager would provide food, cut flowers and herbs for the home with very little maintenance. Potagers can disguise their function of providing for a home in a wide array of forms. Color coordination and shape were key when designing a French garden. Consideration was given to color and shape of the plants chosen for the potager garden. Many of the long, low growing vegetables would be trained to grow vertically as well for effect. Flowers are essential French garden plants. Consider flowers that would match the size, shape and color of your chosen vegetables. One section of the potager may be reserved for medicinal plants and herbs, while another section might be for the kitchen garden. Or they may be integrated throughout the garden. A potager garden at my back door would be amazing, it would consist of vegetables and grasses and herbs and flowers, it would include bulbs and small shrubs and berry bushes, it would have raised areas and pots of many colors .wait a minute the dream is growing as I imagine most garden spots do , maybe thats how the French developed the potager garden design. hmmmm Are you ready to turn that little bare patch of earth into a French potager garden at your entrance door? Remember that In a French style potager gardens, the only plants you need are the ones that you like and that look good. Designing a French garden implies that you will want to consider the ornamental value of, flowers, herbs and vegetables. Some vegetables are ornamental all on their own, while with others, you may look for more ornamental varieties. For example, instead of just plain green cabbage, try growing purple varieties. Instead of just regular red varieties of tomatoes, look into some of the many varieties of heirloom tomatoes that exist in different colors and shapes. Whatever you do with your green garden patch make it fun and remember to start simple and just keep adding to it in the years to .e. Happy potager-ing .! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: