Pregnant women do not produce inspection, prenatal know oneself pregnant with four fetal! Sohu maternal and child in the afternoon of July 24, 2015, a pregnant 3 weeks pregnant women in the province of Obstetrics and gynecology hospital after birth for the first time in the past 32 days and only after the birth of the four fetal. It is interesting that the pregnant woman until the day before the transfer to Hangzhou was found to be four fetal. In August 8th, the inpatient department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang University came a gratifying news, a doctor mother gave birth to five babies. 5 babies, the fetus survived the 4, one is still in his mother’s stomach due to dysplasia, failed to survive. The mother said, for the 4 children, she does not want too much attention, as long as the health and happiness to grow. Baby living in the neonatal ward yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Zhang Lin (a pseudonym) ward. Ward, Zhang Lin quietly lying on the bed. One side of the husband talked about the birth of four births, happy to talk about the situation in the neonatal care room to see them. The younger sister Zhang Lin also rushed to congratulate her. Think of the 4 little baby, we all have a smile on his face. In order to let Zhang Lin undisturbed, more rest, the reporter saw Zhang Lin ward door have been put on the maternal rest of the brand, to avoid too many people went to see. Outside the ward of an aunt told reporters, we have heard that a mother gave birth to five births, want to see the baby. It turned out that due to premature birth of 4 children living in the neonatal care room, to think of the ward to see the baby, only a white run. Just when the pregnancy is thought of triplets, 33 year old Zhang Lin is the doctor, as a teacher in a university. Earlier this year, she learned she was pregnant. 3 months pregnant, Zhang Lin community hospital to do B ultrasound examination, the doctor told her that she is pregnant with triplets, let her happy for a long time the good news. But she didn’t stop working. 24 weeks after the examination, the doctor’s words let Zhang Lin harvest surprise again, she is pregnant with the four fetal! There are 4 children in the belly, this time can not be careless. For the sake of the baby, Zhang Lin began to work at home to raise the fetus, the state of mind has been very good. Last week, Zhang Lin specially transferred from the general hospital obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital. Doctors found that one of the fetuses had died. At this time, Zhang Lin has been pregnant for more than 32 weeks, in order to protect the other several fetuses, she was admitted to the Provincial Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital. Caesarean section arranged for 4 nurses to take into account the pregnant woman with multiple births, the doctor was scheduled for August 4th caesarean section for her. On the morning of August 3rd, Zhang Lin suddenly appeared signs of premature birth, and found that she had anemia, elevated blood pressure, proteinuria and so on. Must be operated immediately! Gynecology and obstetrics hospital immediately prepared for the Zhang Lin strong medical team, by department director He Jing surgeon, Xu Dong, Wen Jie doctor assistant; surgery, director of Neonatology and arranged beside, ready to rescue the baby; in addition, the light is arranged for 4 nurses. 4 babies were born in the end. The four live births, three men and a woman, her daughter ranked third. The most important thing is the second child, 1650 grams; daughter lightest, is 135)相关的主题文章: