Pregnant women were not informed of the pregnancy hospital was sentenced to pay medical expenses to 75 year old Kobayashi shortly after the marriage, pleased to find themselves pregnant. But in the hospital to do a pregnancy test, the medical staff found Kobayashi suffering from chronic glomerulonephritis, but did not fully inform the situation Kobayashi, did not give effective treatment. Since then, Kobayashi’s renal function further decline, eventually leading to chronic renal failure (uremia). In order to protect the health of the mother, Kobayashi forced termination of pregnancy. In November 2014, Anhui Medical Association of Hefei province was commissioned by the local health authorities to make medical malpractice technical appraisal. The identification results showed that the cases belong to the two class of medical accident, hospital to undertake minor responsibility. At the beginning of 2015, the judicial authentication institution for the identification of Kobayashi follow-up treatment expenses, the expert opinion of Kobayashi need to be taken for life of Bailing Capsule and other 7 kinds of drugs, the average daily cost amounted to 261.97 yuan, the follow-up treatment costs to take the total number of 7 kinds of drugs shall be calculated and tired. Kobayashi said great harm to their physical and mental health, because the hospital told is not comprehensive, resulting in the delay of diagnosis and treatment, the hospital to court, claim the loss of more than 75.9 yuan. After the Anhui County People’s court held that, according to the technical identification of medical malpractice, Kobayashi suffering from chronic renal failure (uremia), has been identified as two class a medical malpractice, the hospital has fault in this regard, such as the first time in the hospital of Lujiang. After judicial identification, Kobayashi need to take drugs for life, the hospital should bear the corresponding liability. Mediation by the judge, Lin gave up part of the claim, the parties reached a settlement agreement, a hospital in Lujiang county every year since December 31, 2015 for Kobayashi due to subsequent treatment costs 10 thousand yuan of medical accident, the yearly from a hospital in Lujiang County in December 31st of the following year paid, paid to Kobayashi ended 75 years of age. At present, the mediation agreement has entered into force.相关的主题文章: