Qingdao Master obsession collection of kinds of newspapers, cigarette cigarette packs, stamps, 80 thousand cards…… Li Defu went into the house, like entering a maze, rich and varied collections dizzying a superb collection of beautiful things. Li Defu’s collection of as many as 80 thousand varieties in cigarette. Among them, the most precious two to hundreds of years of British tobacco cigarette brand and Chinese into the first foreign tobacco cigarette cigarette brand — pinhai. Li Defu said, the first collection of cigarette, cigarette factory are asked to help a friend to get some "under the angle of material". With the cigarette brand also began to be arranged with Many a little make a mickle., finishing research. The picture shows the 58 year old Li Defu with a magnifying glass to appreciate his baby". The period of the Republic of China cigarette packet. More than and 10 years, Li Defu of Shandong Province tobacco "has nearly 120 kinds of pants". This is the family and friends to give, but also the results of 10 years of tobacco smoke show it!" Because of the rich collection of Li Defu Yanbiao collections, he often participated in various activities with the collection, collection figures become daocheng. At the beginning of 50s and early 50s cigarette cigarette, for people’s democracy and safeguarding world peace. During the first Chinese market into foreign cigarette brand — Pinhai brand in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Li Defu will Yanbiao and poker collections selected and edited the "good luck Beijing" and "sail Qingdao special cards in the history of the Olympic Games song", requisitioned by the Qingdao Exhibition Center, at the Olympic sailing base. Pictured to celebrate Beijing’s successful Olympic bid, especially the preparation of "good luck Beijing" album Yanbiao sailing in Qingdao. It is understood that in early 80s, people also called a smoke box, smoke cigarette tube shell, the past ten years called yanbiao. The cigarette is one of the four of the world, have a cigarette collectors all over the world. From the rarity, enlarging the collection of historical value, art and knowledge of the four aspects to consider whether the cigarette, if rare and good friend of the collection value in the hundreds or even thousands of yuan. In 60s the Qingdao cigarette brand. For enlarging the cultural revolution. Source: Qingdao News Network相关的主题文章: