[] new recipes easily do steak, a feast of three type Western-style food – Sohu and the cold winter night, love and do Western-style food enjoy candlelit dinner together at home, the smell of sizzling steak with mellow aroma, the import Wine, think of the scene is very beautiful. At home often cooks are always on Western-style food helpless, light is a simple soup, a variety of complex ingredients buy enough difficulty, let alone get a romantic candlelight dinner. Fortunately, I found a great treasure there are three ingredients and recipes all type Western-style food box, or the famous Tianjin Qing palace produced, careful look, Chongqing is indeed the zone of Peace Road No. 55 Qing palace yes, rest assured to buy. Product packaging is very good, and also sent in a timely manner, Tianjin shipped second days received! Every packaging is very tight, there is ice protection not afraid of food spoilage, and teach you how to make a menu, super detailed steps inside, immediately open the package to do it! Salad is the most simple, to open the package, salmon simply get a set of dishes can shape, with oil and vinegar produced, every minute becomes the chef ah ~ second mushroom soup poured into the pot of soup is more simple, the heating can, which contains white mushrooms, black truffle, letinous edodes, butter, cooked when the rich aroma comes out, there’s rosemary and thyme sauce. Steak Seasoning is slightly complicated, in addition to fresh Australian steaks with blood, even with potatoes and asparagus are ready, easy to create. Finally opened from red wine, mellow aroma, this wine wine wine Garden South Africa Nederburg Cuvee wine alcohol, Feng thick, that lead a person to endless aftertastes fruit and oak, with a faint aroma of light tobacco flavor, tannin levels lead a person to endless aftertastes. A table for dinner out! Salmon salad mushroom soup fried steak ingenuity alone made between Australia, simplify, instantly, feast your love, easy to produce comparable restaurant delicious, enhance the happiness of life, is so simple. Now there is a double promotion oh! 1, limited full reduction activities: November 10, 2016 -2016 years in November 12th, full of 99 yuan minus $5; full of $10 minus $179; $299 minus $30. 2, pay attention to the store has a good gift: November 10, 2016 -2016, in December 31st, where the attention of the Taobao shop that donated $5 a red, no threshold limit, issued a total of 500. 3, winter warm heart promotion: November 10, 2016 -2016 November 30th, any kind of jam products, original price 35 free postage, price 29 yuan shipping (BES Huitong) spring seafood yam soup products, original price 68 free postage, price 49 yuan shipping (BES Huitong) 4, full field shipping: November 10, 2016 -2016 in December 31st, the audience full of 100 yuan postage (BES Huitong)相关的主题文章: