Refuse took to the streets on duty, Frederick law case is quiet "Xuzhou daily" reported on August 25th, according to the city to create a national civilized city command arrangements, Xuzhou more than 100 units of pack hanging 102 traffic lights in a large control intersection, traffic on the streets "on duty". Package list includes the Xuzhou municipal procuratorate and the Xuzhou intermediate people’s court. Two local law seized impressively in the column, so that the traffic violation of Xuzhou comprehensive reform led to the national legal community onlookers. Arguably, similar work assessed the past around the law review organs are no less, just under a special time node, the Xuzhou law review will accept the contract tasks, took to the streets on duty, a new central how landing vane. In August 28th, Xuzhou city procuratorate public voice said, it will implement the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "protection of the judicial personnel perform their statutory duties prescribed by law strictly", "do not arrange prosecutors beyond the scope of statutory duties in the affairs of any organization, not the prosecution personnel on duty to assist". Things have been very clear, the local government was arranged inspection agencies involved in the non authority within the scope of business, Xuzhou city procuratorate (may in the country is the first time publicly rejected). According to reports, the Procuratorate’s position has also been supported by the Xuzhou municipal Party committee, and its statement issued by the Jiangsu provincial public prosecutor No. WeChat, also shows that its behavior has been supported by the higher authorities. Things to this step, the role of the Xuzhou City Intermediate People’s court may be more embarrassing, the same row on the street to hang up the list of units of the package, the current response to the media statement or in the notice". The judicial organs to participate in local governance activities, and even take a variety of performance tasks, previously is not really news, from land acquisition to investment, from birth to poverty alleviation Dundian fine…… The local authority in traditional logic, because the relationship between the human financial and material supply, inspection organs more regarded as a somewhat special, local party and government departments role (although its legal status is not the case), arrange law review agencies involved in the field of various powers, is more a the power of inertia. Party and government departments and local authorities seized a blatant interference method to perform their duties according to law, for the specific case, investment, poverty alleviation is on duty assessed once considered not particularly serious. The current "constitution" stipulates that law review organ shall exercise authority independently, "by administrative organs, social organizations and individuals to interfere, but also because of their duties independently according to law and the problem has not been solved thoroughly, which powers outside the" chores "accumulate. July 2016, the protection of judicial personnel in accordance with the law to fulfill the statutory requirements promulgated. The provisions of article third of the judicial personnel engaged in beyond the scope of statutory duties shall be expressly prohibited transaction and at the same time, weighting method "inspection authorities have the right to refuse such arrangements and requirements, the Xuzhou prosecutors refused to took to the streets on duty, direct evidence comes from this. But from the outside of the heat waves of this "Refusal" debate can also be seen, the judicial organs to similar tasks to apportion the local party to say "no" is not an easy task, or at least so far is very unusual. It can be seen from the above provisions that the safeguard clause is not only prohibited from "any unit or.相关的主题文章: