"Returnees": "Dr. China heart" decided to "Chinese manufacturing" how far — Finance — people.com.cn original title: "returnees", "China heart" decided to "Chinese manufacturing" how far China News Agency, Wuhan in September 3, the title: "returnees", "Chinese heart" decided to "China manufacturing" the development of Cao Xufeng’s "independent intellectual property rights system Chinese News Agency reporter has made far," Chinese heart "products," Chinese manufacturing "will determine how far to go." Recently, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs "the focus of overseas Chinese entrepreneurial team leader, vice chairman of the Committee of science and technology innovation China overseas Chinese Investment Enterprises Association of Hubei micro model technology development Co. Ltd. chairman Dr. Chen Youbin of China News Agency reporter said. 47 year old Chen Youbin studied and worked in the United States for nearly 8 years, is an expert on automatic target recognition, image recognition and machine vision, artificial intelligence, etc.. 2007, after the return of Chen Youbin founded the micro model Software Co., Ltd., research and development with independent intellectual property rights of image recognition products, applied in the field of Finance and security. Now China is too need to have independent intellectual property rights products." Chen Youbin said. In the last century at the beginning of 90s, the Chinese Chinese characters recognition technology has just started soon, Microsoft, SIEMENS, Motorola and other giants have spotted the Chinese market, have to make great efforts to study and launch Chinese characters recognition technology related. "Then the giants want to spend a lot of money from my mentor to dig talent, but the mentor to withstand the pressure, led his doctoral and master’s birthday night research, and finally made the achievements of the world’s attention. Microsoft, SIEMENS, Motorola and other companies have to buy Chinese independent research and development of Chinese character recognition engine." Chen Youbin said that the success of the mentor led the students, so that he felt the manufacture of a "Chinese heart" products, the importance of mastering the core technology of intellectual property rights. As of early 2016, after years of painstaking research, Chen Youbin led the team successfully developed a variety of core intellectual property recognition products, some products even fill in the gaps in the field of China, and reached a world-class level, these labels as "Chinese" technology and products are exported to overseas. The reporter sees in his research and development center, Tsinghua University, China experts Academy of Sciences, Zhongshan University, Wuhan University researchers, as well as from the United States, Canada and other countries of the returnees talent to do technical adviser. "The proportion of independent intellectual property rights in traditional industries in China is still relatively small, and there is a certain distance from the developed countries in Europe and america." Chen Youbin said. (end) (commissioning editor Yang Xi and Yang Di)相关的主题文章: