Internet-Marketing Lets assume that youve just launched a restaurant and heavily distributed free lunch passes with the roadmap printed on the back of the passes to guide your customers to your place. But by mistake the designer put wrong directions and your customers cant find their way to your restaurant. What is most likely to happen in this situation? The very disappointed and hungry customers will either grab their meal at the nearby restaurant or just go back home. Just the same way, website navigation is like a roadmap with proper demarcations and approachable routes for visitors to quickly find their way through. Customers who are not able to find what they want will quickly leave the website and go to the other one. SEO companies usually talk about page rank, tool bar, link equity, topical relevance, co-citation and what not. There are enormous theories but often they forget the basic requisition of a functional website its navigation system. A well laid website navigation system and website structure serves two main purposes improves user operability & enables search engine spiders to properly crawl through the site and index all its pages. A good navigation system provides multiple methods to find specific information to the preferences of different customers. The thumb rule is to make information easily available and accessible as the visitors wont like to slog through for the information they are looking for. It is most ideal to keep the site as flat as possible. The directory structure should not go more than four levels deep. Where the navigation should be placed? Considering psychometrics, navigation should be placed at the top or the left side of the page to receive maximum users attention. These are the two regions where visitors usually look for the website navigation, but if they have to hunt for navigation at different locations, they simply wont. They will conveniently go to another site theyll easily get around. At the other end, sites with navigation menus and the text lines allow optimization of the internal linking structure of the website that allows better page ranks in search engines. Some SEO experts India also report that broken links also affect a sites search engine rankings. The ball is always in the court of the SEO manager, but the fact remains that doing the optimization process in sync with the neatly developed site navigation system would definitely help the overall search ranking results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: