RPG Mobile Games innovation road of "god six" surface features Gameplay Footage of history for more than a year, the nine Shanghai art network articles boutique Q version of Japanese wind box Mobile Games "god six" (English Name: "Cube of God") the whole network appearance; strong wind, very retro grid technology and the quality of the 3D pixel the world view of the world and have a unique style, set more than ten kinds of innovative features play to the domestic game player who is Mobile Games million eyes. Now, this has a Mobile Games industry "clean" products, in the first round of beta approaching, especially recorded a "God" six face "features gameplay demo video, let buddies can feel the scenes were all square built into the world at the same time, the first to experience the" god six "lasted for a year to play on the unique innovation in.   block the glory of the cube without modification of a strong return too many gorgeous, "" god six "features gameplay demo video, we take real into a retro box and the 3D pixel combination box world. With the NES era of "super Marie" FC game in recent years and Daxing "my world" and other games like pixel grid, enter "god six" in the world, will be in a box by all scenes are built into the new world; and is different, "god six face" in style is undoubtedly more adorable cute Q, with three-dimensional texture. Rather than saying that the six sides of God is a grid wind hand travel, it is better to say that it is a 3D technology to create a new world of three-dimensional cube. The classic Sudoku round battle strategy of new experience, a new matrix screen texture and cube world collocation feel the new experience is essential, but the play is the innovation characteristics of "six" God’s face "features gameplay demo video highlights where. Based on the squared round of fighting for the core, with anger and fate skills, "let god six" strategy more depth; double copy small and beautiful, the "perfect God" in six and real-time combat combat strategy integration, together, the game player after row the formations, also can experience the pleasure of free exploration!   universal nature of the world, and bestie peer cube and the battle is the main melody of "sphere of God" in six, and in addition to the battle system, "god six" in the natural surface for buddies exclusive to create a series of innovative features of leisure play. Many people moving bricks with the screen, GVE prevented the monster siege battle system for walls of the cube element visualization; adventure system patterns using building blocks make PVE play bright; mining system in the home field play treasure, strategy and luck are indispensable; freedom of movement in the OX question answering system, more this is the fun quiz "old-fashioned" content becomes full of wit and humour. It can be said that the integration of more than ten kinds of innovative features to play the "god six", has become a focus of leisure play in a universal nature, the new generation of Mobile Games.   simple and lovely, novel and interesting, full of sincerity. "God six" without those gorgeous glossy packaging, as an independent studio early heart, "god six" this innovative small fresh sperm.相关的主题文章: