The Russian coordinator said G20 is one of the most effective mode of global governance – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Moscow, October 25 (reporter Wei Lianglei) Russia’s group of twenty (G20) coordinator for her? Lukash says 25 days, despite the opposition criticized, one of the most effective mode of global governance is still G20. Lukasz in Moscow on a new global governance mechanism of the seminar said that in recent years, it can be said that from its inception, G20 has faced criticism, but the fact proves the validity of this model. Especially in the financial crisis from 2008 to 2009, G20 adopted a series of important measures to deal with the crisis, effectively preventing the global financial market turmoil and the decline in global trade. Lukasz said, G20 can make the world’s major countries to maintain vitality, continue to work to solve the major problems facing the international community. In September this year, the G20 summit held successfully in Hangzhou, china. Lukasz believes that the G20 summit in Hangzhou stressed that the promotion of the coordinated development of the global value chain, which means the integration of existing and emerging global and regional trading system to help developing countries and countries in G20 of small and medium-sized enterprises, help to narrow the development gap between countries. G20 was founded in 1999. After the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, G20 by the finance minister, the central bank governor dialogue platform upgrade to the leadership level of global governance platform, in order to promote the world economic recovery and the international financial system reform to make important contributions.相关的主题文章: