"Secret" Chu Joe biography "featurette – behind the scenes exposure fixing Thanksgiving entertainment Sohu" secret Princess Chu Joe biography "fixing exposure entertainment news by special Sohu Chee Wen media honey Amoy pictures and Hatton media syndicate film CO produced, Shanghai honey Amoy Film Co. independent production and distribution of television drama" secret "Chu Joe biography" recently officially fixing, Zhao Liying, Dou Xiao, Li Qin, Lin update, Yan Lin king, Niu Junfeng, Huang Mengying, Deng Lun, Tian Xiaojie all star and the crew scene warm heart people distressed at parting. The group in more than and 150 day and night, not only the production crew to cast actors often together around carefully read the script, go play. The actor is one of the highlights of this drama of the work ", let the people of intensive and meticulous farming" the imperial level top blockbuster full of expectation.     uphold the spirit of dedication Chuqiao "Zhao Liying frequency won the praise of spies affectionate Lin update change the style of the heroine Zhao Liying as zero molimen alwaysuphold Chuqiao and restore the true immersion show" Chuqiao spirit ", devoted to character. Not only a thin 8 pounds before filming, during filming, Zhao Liying play frequently insisted on not Wu for, also let the scars and bruises all over the body. The final fixing her, one off the remaining buddy, fighting alone until five in the morning, won the praise of numerous professional behavior. In addition to Zhao Liying’s strong woman Chuqiao, as your cold, Lin update strategy extraordinary childe Yuwen is also very eye-catching?. Crank up that day, he put himself in the play was the guardian of the "Beauty King" Zhao Liying in his arms, affectionate and overbearing style coexist, this also with his daily life "scripts" change the style of the style be quite different, but also there is no sense of violation. The sun has always been to show people the image of Dou Xiao in the period before and after challenge the strong contrast of the Shizi Yan xun. The special edition, while he was riding side shouted "Yan Xun fixing", drama roles and presents the most incisive side of the sun. Princess Li Qin as big Wei Yuan Chun, early and lovely, beautiful Jiaoqiao, its unique temperament and sharp, in the interpretation of the character has a beautiful fit. In fixing the special edition, dusty Li Qin, makeup and dress besmeared with blood and the audience also caused a lot of curiosity. In addition, several of the stars and the rest of the actors are often surrounded by reading the script, serious drama. While the actor works on the "intensive and meticulous farming is on the show" a spectacle. The group work together to create the most bold costume popular big drama really good works do not only rely on the combination of ip+ strong cast "attraction, shocked the audience, actor, director, screenwriter, staff relationship contributes to the less which ring may not be able to make a good drama. "Chu Joe" shooting in the early and middle stages of summer, sustained high temperatures brought many challenges to the shooting staff. But in order to show the best quality, the staff often 20 hours of continuous work, sweat wet body is common; in order to grasp the opportunity to shoot, whether it is rainy day or heat is abundant, the creative team also has worked tirelessly with the schedule. This.相关的主题文章: