Should the back or in case of regulatory problems: category only three fragmentation defects still should back or in case of regulatory problem category "face" only three as Li Jing once red circle of friends a burst of goods, should the every act and every move are popular attention. The evening of September 27th, shut down more than a month should finally Encore back, but this time as a line like that once an understated. But after the explosion of red in May, the answer seems to be low-key and difficult to achieve. This time, more than and 40 days should not stop with a stunning pose in front of the left is currently out the workplace, health and science three categories, many users exclaimed should "changed", and has more knowledge of the taste. But in the industry view, shut down 40 days should actually give competitors a great opportunity, and shut down for such a long time or encounter regulatory problems. The low-key Encore category "face" serious September 27th evening, shut down 47 days should finally low-key but soon found the encore, the user, again after the line should only three categories, namely, workplace health and science. From the rapid rise to a sudden halt, should this road is ups and downs, but the realization of knowledge products but actually on-line more than five months. In mid May of this year, holding the banner of knowledge realized a low-key on-line, followed by Wang Sicong, Zhang Ziyi and other stars and red net "flames", at the end of May refresh circle of friends quickly became popular. Analysys think tank analyst Ma Shicong accept new media "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said, mainly because of a large number of network (including red star) into a sub platform, with their influence and appeal to prop up a hot points. Internet analyst Ge Jia told reporters: the establishment of a listening mechanism for knowledge sharing can maintain a lively scene, which is the reason for its popularity." It is not difficult to understand, on the one hand, the use of a rare opportunity to make use of the scarcity of the sharing – the network of red groups, the more important is to listen to the mechanism is the use of an ordinary audience to the network of red, star of prying eyes". The use of the network and become popular, and one of the most important network is Wang Sicong. Wang Sicong in answer 32 questions to answer, including standards and even large scale private life. In this case, it is precisely because the answer is 60 seconds of voice response mode. The answer is the speech platform naturally exist to control problems in the content of the audit, perhaps it is this point, after August, a sudden halt foreshadowed. Experienced after the explosion of red, a lot of points around the success of user groups, and began to develop steadily, but after a period of steady development of more than 3 months later, in August 10th, two in the afternoon, many users can not log into account suddenly answer, answer after all functions in the blank, page display system being upgraded. During the lockout should repeatedly through the WeChat public release upcoming Encore news, but until September 27th really low-key before the encore, has been shut down for 47 days. During the lockout, the reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of a branch of knowledge相关的主题文章: