Since October the formal "basket"   RMB internationalization go to a new starting point – Guangdong Channel – original title: RMB October formally "basket" according to Xinhua news agency, October 1st, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) currency basket SDR new will come into effect, the RMB will also enter from now on SDR basket. In November 30th last year, IMF Executive Board decided to bring the currency into the currency basket, the proportion of 10.92%. In September 30th, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will also calculate the number of currencies in the new SDR basket according to the monetary weights and the corresponding formulas determined by the board of directors. The RMB is an important process of joining the SDR Chinese milepost integrated into the global financial integration, is also a new starting point of the internationalization of RMB into a new stage of development, starting from this point, the members of IMF can hold RMB assets to meet the financing needs of the international balance of payments. But industry insiders said that the RMB after joining SDR not immediately caused great changes in asset allocation, international investors will holdings of RMB assets also depends on the investment tools are rich, market openness, infrastructure construction and other factors are complete. Currently, the central bank’s foreign exchange reserves accounted for less than 2% of the proportion of the world’s central bank. DBS bank is expected to report, three years after the RMB of total global foreign exchange reserves proportion will rise to 4%; Standard Chartered estimates, by 2020, global foreign exchange reserves, about 10% will be converted into RMB assets; the Bank of Hongkong is expected to 2025, central banks hold RMB $680 billion, equivalent to the global foreign reserves 10%. CICC chief economist Liang Hong believes that the RMB basket has a profound influence on China financial market, a number of financial reform and opening up measures will continue to promote: first, improve market access and data transparency. Secondly, the reform of the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism. Three is to explore the issue of sustained and stable bond issuance mechanism, the formation of a stable bond yield curve to attract foreign investors to enter. In addition, the internationalization of the RMB also needs to support the global payment and settlement system. Market analysts pointed out that in the short term, SDR does not mean that the RMB has become an international currency; in the long term, the RMB SDR entry will have a certain potential positive, bring the development space for the cross-border business of financial institutions. – Voice director of the Tsinghua University Center for Economic Research of the world Chinese Li Daokui: international financial transactions will present more yuan RMB in October 1st formally incorporated into the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (SDR) the SDR currency basket, in this regard, the Tsinghua University China and the world economy research center director Li Daokui believes that the RMB internationalization and improve the international monetary system will open a great voyage. In the face of the current international monetary system defects caused by the world’s economic and financial challenges, the need to introduce Chinese wisdom to solve. Li Daokui said that after the accession to the SDR, all kinds of international financial transactions will be more相关的主题文章: