Chongqing small financial record 37 yuan in Chongqing: a Long long ago~~1 can do yuan in Chongqing life or important is broad, time flies, time flies like a rocket sitting like price soaring 1 yuan of money and more money on the color former become slow, horse, mail is slow life can only love a person remember that young you love singing and I love to laugh one yuan 20 years ago can buy ten ten lollipop now only buy a lone candy Chongqing small fortune faint cry in the toilet can not play well together? A small fortune asked in a lollipop today one yuan in Chongqing what can? What a piece of money for basic necessities of life I three times daily for breakfast? What do you have for lunch? What’s for dinner? With breakfast, for example, a piece of money now purchasing power than before Steamed Buns buns, a piece of money 1 is common Soybean Milk, Rice porridge can also buy 1 yuan 1 bowl but these, I was the female man hungry what what what the student in the past many years, snacks Chongqing small fortune do not miss those years caught up with the goddess not those years together YY idol is not those years went to the toilet but… Those years together ate hot strip Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce, root fragrant, pickled dry smell was as long as 51 Fen packs now up to more than one and has been hard to find the bus ride WTF? Are you making fun of me? Now there is a bus? Why do I sit is actually a piece of two pieces of public money in Chongqing really have such as 404, 402, 304 that summer without air conditioning, plastic seat is entirely suffering but think bus or a pretty good money, you’re sitting in a bus and a Cisang get free shares. Sad but now this bus is also less and buy a newspaper life ah, a good cup of tea, a newspaper is enough for adults, the cheapest way of leisure is to look in the newspaper to give you one yuan to buy a newspaper, in addition to other leisure activities also can not participate in what so it tells we do not have a lot of time what you don’t want to go but you can’t do all the memories of childhood shook his car in addition to a variety of animation should be. One yuan shook his car can sit a shake Shake the car (Part shook his car to 2 yuan) to play a game with a "ox" doll is a piece of money is not a lot but can give a child a few minutes happy Why not?. a piece of money can do what? In the ten thousand block of seckill too much I seize a piece of money is also able to find some good goods to a treasure will appear so large and small businesses pop brand will have such activities if you are lucky enough, will catch up with such a good time but do not covet cheap just buy buy buy or to the actual situation of charity considering its own charity donations do not care about money, the most important token of WeChat all the chips can be said to be the most close to the people all the way to raise a lot of people recently to see their friends or from some channels to understand some people suffer from suffering illness and no money treatment will be fundraising activities to WeChat to raise money so that WeChat this new way to raise public donations to a wide circle of friends in popular WeChat all the chips have a piece of money to donate micro letter)相关的主题文章: