Small good love 2016 for charity China refine MPV ending February, JAC to "free lunch" launched the "refine (quote parameter picture Forum) MPV Chinese charity" charity project in Hefei ending. Jac JAC representative deputy chief economist, passenger car marketing company deputy general manager Mr. Li Jianhua, deputy general manager of JAC passenger car marketing company general manager Mr. Yan Gang, JAC Anhui Business Center Executive Director Mr. Cheng Jie, "free lunch" sponsors, Chinese village children joint charity sponsor Mr. Dunfee, Hefei City Youth Development Foundation Secretary General Mr. Zhang Qiuming, JAC more than "love wind honey", the title of the riders on behalf of Jianghuai Automobile Model Competition selected the top ten players, as well as the number of mainstream media representatives to participate in the activities of love. For charity, go forward hand in hand "free lunch" by Dunfee and several other journalists, dozens of mainstream media, the United China Social Welfare Foundation raised funds to initiate free lunch program, designed to help Chinese children from hunger, healthy growth. Year, JAC and co sponsored charity China JAC refine MPV "activities, hoping to gather more social forces to provide more help for vulnerable groups. April morning, Anhui area more than love riders from the passenger car marketing company set, came to Lujiang County in Anhui province Hefei City Fan Shan Zhen Dongming Cun Guan Miao group Kuanmiao primary school, has been warmly welcomed by the teachers and students. The representatives of the "honey honey" had lunch with their children at their own expense, and had a pleasant exchange with them. When students get the riders volunteers, employees and the community of caring people with the money to buy Stationery and sports activities after revealing the happy smiling face. The people, the remarkable achievements of "refine MPV charity Chinese" is the Jianghuai Automobile and "free lunch" in the fund jointly launched the first domestic riders love relay "large-scale public welfare activities, has been vigorously promoted and the support of the masses, media, the majority of owners is the main activities of the participants refine. In the "small good love charity Chinese refine MPV" activities, JAC employees, riders and the community of caring people who donated money accumulated million yuan (quote parameter picture Forum), more than the love riders representatives will buy Stationery donations were sent to the school in the name of the hands of children in poor mountainous areas. Hard technology, manufacturing experience security forward JAC refine MPV for years, entitled "MPV" manufacturing expert reputation in the market. In this event, as the independent research and development of high-end business MPV, refine M5 resumed escort mission. With strong technical accumulation, excellent quality and large space, easy to control, comfort and other characteristics, has become a strong logistics support for public welfare. Jac refine MPV will continue the way each of a loving and caring escort, carrying the hope and love for children from all walks of life sustenance, on thanksgiving! To do public service, when the vanguard of the JAC as a national independent brand, has been actively involved in social welfare activities, adhere to fulfill social responsibility. As one of the sponsors of the charity Chinese refine MPV ", Jianghuai Automobile not only provided.相关的主题文章: