"Snow White and the three little pigs" released in five aspect: lift the box office storm – Sohu entertainment by the famous animation film directed by Sally, CCTV host Ren Zhihong, well-known actor Ni Hongjie, the famous actor dubbed the Fangbing Valley featuring international parent-child animated film "Snow White and the three little pigs" has been in the joy of release! As the summer Carnival ending animation movie, fairy tale kingdom and the magic of joy beautiful fantasy adventure story brings big surprises to the audience. Classic IP fusion: when the beautiful encounter adorable "Snow White and the three little pigs" adapted from the classic western fairy tale film creative team from a new perspective, after a long time carefully created, based on the original mining fairy tale characters character, shaping a new image of people. Beautiful snow white, bright three Meng Meng pig, fierce and tough wolf with super powers snow queen brave together to create a new fairy tale. The classic songs lyrics warm heart attack: beautiful melody in film show the beautiful fairy tale kingdom and wonderful adventures at the same time, also brought beautiful songs for kids and parents. Lyrics by Long Pang famous song "Two Butterflies" songwriter DEDECATES lyrics. As a popular China on both sides of the Changjiang River song, "Two Butterflies" to Chinese the audience left many good memories. The film’s warm heart song again to "Two Butterflies" writers, catchy lyrics and melodious tunes will give viewers the slightest warmth. Classic dub sound: Ni Hongjie Ren Zhihong featuring innovative film dubbing enabled super lineup team, by the famous CCTV host Ren Zhihong, well-known actor Ni Hongjie, the famous actor Gu Fangbing, featuring the voice behind the scenes. As the screen goddess, this is the snow white and the three little pigs is the voice of Ni Hongjie animated film dubbing the first show, the combination of beautiful sounds and fairy tales have been recognized by the audience. In addition, in order to build a real parent-child animated film, the film opened children’s real voice, voice and tender in the role as a whole, true and full of vitality. Advanced animation technology joint strength dubbed the team and the wonderful adventures will work together to build a Hollywood movie Carnival animation film. The classic theme: love is the greatest power in "Snow White and the three little pigs" story several times in the creative process of carving, the film runs through the whole process of love education, strive to reproduce the snow white and the three little pigs, adventure, love and kindness to the idea into the story, convey the snow white and the three little pigs just bold quality at the same time, entertaining and highlight the significance of education, subtle, bring the children and parents unlimited inspiration, and guide the kids to love my mom and dad. Classic surrounding hot: hope to create a series of products to promote as the summer ending animated film, "Snow White and the three little pigs" in some theaters also specifically for the viewing audience for the exquisite gift, as the end of the summer holidays little surprise. The unique way of movie publicity has been supported by the majority of fans.相关的主题文章: