UnCategorized If you have heard about Dead Sea salt and mud and your interested in buying these products you probably have done some research on your own, only to find out that these products can get pretty high in the price department. Recently I was searching online for a few products at discount prices. I’m all about saving money, especially if the discount product is the same as the over priced product, why wouldn’t you save yourself a few bucks and buy the cheaper one?!? I found a few sites in particular that had prices that were four times less than the other sites. This can be a huge advantage for you if you really want the rewards that Dead Sea products can give you, but you aren’t really willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one product! These discount sites had products ranging from $4 on up to $60 and if they are 4 times less expensive than that of the over priced stores, well you can only imagine how much money you will be saving! Plus whats nice about these stores is if you only have $100 then you can only buy one product on the other site, whereas with the less expensive sites you van buy 5 or 6 different products and spend $100. I don’t know about you but the second option sounds a little better to me than the first! These sites are also cool because not only do they offer products that are cheaper in price but they also offer some freebies such as free facial moisturizers and even more discounts as far as shipping costs go. Really you cant go wrong with sites such as these! The next question your probably wondering about is what brand these less expensive stores can bring to the table. Well, lucky for you one of the most popular brands of Dead Sea products is called Seanerals and I did find this option on many of the lower cost sites but none of the higher end sites! Just to give you an idea about prices for high end versus discount I have listed a few prices below: Pure Dead Sea Salt 12 oz High End – $48 Less Expensive – $7.99! AHAVA Dead Sea Bath Salts 8.8 oz High End – $20 Less Expensive – $8.99! Natural Dead Sea Mineral Body Scrub High End – $36 Less Expensive – $16.50 These deals aren’t even "just a few bucks" they are literally 4 times less expensive as aforementioned! Do you realize the money you could be saving by going to these sites? These are sites you should be checking out! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: