Bozhou Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting presided over   Wang An – Anhui Channel – original title: Bozhou Municipal Standing Committee held a meeting on October 13th in the afternoon, party secretary Wang Yiguang chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee meeting, learning to convey the "General Office of the CPC Central Committee on the part of the management of cadres in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems and lessons of warning bulletin", study and implement the work of the community party college-graduate village official forum, the forum and the grass-roots party construction will promote the spirit of the key tasks, listen to special reports and inspection rectification work on the convening of the Bozhou labor model and advanced workers and advanced collective recognition of the General Assembly on the situation, through the discussion of the "on the new situation to strengthen and improve the archives work in the implementation of" opinions "on the construction of harmonious labor relations in the implementation of views". The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight is a breakthrough to improve the style, is an important comprehensive measures strictly, is the party’s solemn commitment of the people, we must pay attention to the style of construction with strong political consciousness. The central notification of the case, the alert, profound lesson. We should seriously study and understand the profound lessons learned, effectively warning, accurately grasp the "more back the more strict discipline", thinking and action with the central and provincial spirit, determined to win this tough battle style building. Leading cadres should take the lead to set an example of party loyalty, an implementation of the spirit of the central eight provisions and the provincial and municipal provisions of article thirty, set an example to perform their duties, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", from the section of Yan, from small start, set an example, strict, strict management of cadres, to prevent small mistakes lead to disaster. To strictly control the implementation of the system, to seize the city the city level leadership and its members, county level leadership and its members responsibility list style construction. To strict supervision and accountability, strengthen supervision and accountability and discipline to close hand, not only will be severely punished, so that default will ask, strict accountability will become the norm. The meeting pointed out that strengthening the grass-roots party construction work, a solid foundation for us to promote the reform and development of stable undertakings, struggling to walk in the forefront of the revitalization of Northern Anhui, very important meaning and function. To improve ideological and understanding, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency to do a good job in grass-roots party building. In learning to quickly convey the spirit of the meeting, in-depth research plan, conscientiously study and implement. To grasp the implementation of the tasks, in accordance with the "four, three" requirements, implement the task one by one. To strengthen the organization and leadership, layers of compaction responsibility, do a good job of laying the foundation for long-term work. The meeting held that the city’s grassroots party organizations do not change for a long time, illegal handling and possession of private abroad (border) documents two special rectification has achieved remarkable results. The meeting stressed the need to conscientiously implement the provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin on patrol rectification work to strengthen the spirit of the important instructions, checks and supervision, implement the responsibility system and accountability system, the compliance should be severely dealt with. To implement dynamic zero, the rectification rectification work to persevere. To improve the system, the establishment of long-term mechanism to prevent recurrence of similar problems. The meeting pointed out that the convening of model workers, advanced workers and the purpose of the collective recognition of advanced collectives is to promote advanced models, play a leading role model. To increase)相关的主题文章: