Reference-and-Education Currently, a large number of high school students are aiming to be.e physical Therapy assistants (PTA) after the .pletion of their high-school degrees. In this article, we will discuss the various steps involved in a physical therapy assistant. HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE The first step to a physical therapy assistant is to obtain a high-school degree. Subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, English, and Social Sciences must be studied in high school. ASSOCIATE DEGREE After .pletion of a high-school degree, the next step is to join a school and obtain an Associate’s Degree in a Physical Therapy Assistant program. The duration of the program is two years and can be .pleted in any of the 230 schools offering this program. Before joining a school, it is important to see if the school is accredited by the .mission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) or not. One must only join an accredited school with a respectable placement record. The first year of the program involves theoretical subjects such as Introduction to Physical Therapy, Anatomy, Psychology, Chemistry , Biology, etc. The second year of the program includes clinical training, where the various therapeutic exercises are studied and practiced. A summer internship program is also included in the program, in which the candidate joins any hospital or nursing home and works under the guidance of a physical therapist. At the end of this training, the student is evaluated and grades are assigned. This evaluation report plays an important role in determining employment placement and salary prospects. PHYSICAL THERAPY LICENSE EXAM All of the physical therapy and physical therapy assistant graduates are required to pass the NPTE to be.e registered. This exam is conducted several times a year and can be taken in any state. This exam is based on topics such as standard of care, intervention, codes, ethics, etc. The duration of the exam is four hours. INTERVIEW PREPARATION After obtaining an Associate’s Degree in a Physical Therapy Assistant Program, the next step is to take the National Physical Therapy Exam. Only after clearing this exam can one obtain a license to practice his skills in a physical therapy facility. The next step is apply for a job in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc., where the candidates must go through personal interviews with the heads of the physical therapy facilities. The aim of these interview is to check the .munication skills and knowledge of a physical therapist assistant before hiring him. After obtaining the job of a physical therapy assistant, one is supposed to constantly work under the supervision of a physical therapist and assist him in conducting various treatments for the recovery of patients. A physical therapy aide, who maintains the treatment area, supports the assistant. If you are looking for a promising profession that provides decent salary and job security, then a physical therapy assistant career is the right choice for you. As a PTA, you can earn an average salary of $32,000. This salary will increase with experience and can reach up to as much as $63,000 annually after spending 18 to 20 years in this profession. Every year, hundreds of jobs are produced ,and this fact promises an instant employment placement after graduation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: