Marketing According to foreign media reports, analysts and vendors in Asia pointed out that although Apple and Samsung Galaxy iPad tablet PC is currently represented on the market momentum is fierce, but in the short term is unlikely to replace the traditional laptop. They believe that although the United States and other mature markets, Internet sales momentum seems to have emerged signs of decline, but the laptop is far from the point to exit the market. China Taiwan technology research firm Gartner analyst Tracy Cai (Tracy Tsai) said: "The Tablet PC is only a complementary product. Often consumers already have a PC case, want to have a portable device, only to buy the Tablet PC . the Tablet PC as the only computer equipment is rare, because consumers still need a computer with a traditional keyboard for text input products such operation. " U.S. electrical chain Best Buy is expected to last month, Apple iPad has occupied nearly half of Internet sales; as a continuation of many tablet PC market, the Internet is facing increasingly heavy pressure of competition only. Best Buy has begun to prepare for the Christmas selling season, planning the main push e-reader, tablet PCs and mobile devices. Brian Dunn, CEO (Brian Dunn) on "The Wall Street Journal" said: "This type of mobile products have been in people occupy an important position in life, so consumers are willing to invest large sums." Recent global Nielsen consumer survey conducted in China Taiwan, a survey found that 36% of consumers already have or plan to purchase tablet PCs. Taipei, a salesperson said: "iPad Internet faster than the notebook, but also light and easy to carry, it will attract so many people to buy." However, Taipei can not represent billions of Asian consumers and other markets in Asia, the situation is different, and Apple is also facing Samsung and Dell and other manufacturers to competitive pressures. Gartner analyst Tracy Cai said: "Shanghai and Beijing, the purchasing power of consumers in markets such as Singapore and Taipei, with roughly the same Tablet PC sale momentum is very hot, but this is limited to first-tier cities. Most consumers in emerging markets still great value prices, to take Indonesia, for example, 20 or 30 dollars on the price gap between Indonesia’s major consumers. " Even in the developed markets of Japan, observers are cautious about that laptop is not yet announced when the Western Hills sunset. Daiwa Securities senior analyst Takumi Sado, said: "thin and light Tablet PC is more portable, and consumers can operate a single handset. Although laptops can also carry out, but in the end is the need to find a place to sit down to operate the machine. However, laptops better input capabilities will have tablet PCs. From this perspective, tablet PCs and laptops are aimed at different consumer needs. " Japanese electronics giant NEC spokesman said the company last year, PC sales reached 2.73 million, of which 60% of all notebook computers. He said: "For the Japanese market, the family usually buy laptop computers, tablet laptop computers and mobile phones should be between between products. NEC tablet PCs that will be outside of the traditional notebook computer, open a new market, but will not completely replace the notebook market. " Toshiba has introduced a named "libretto" of the Tablet PC. This product is no physical keyboard, open a manner as open books, both sides are equipped with flat-panel display. Toshiba said the company has also developed a called "Folio 100" tablet PCs, next year in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia market, but not in Japan. Toshiba spokesman said the company believes is a new tablet computer products. Daewoo Securities analyst James Song said this: "Tablet PC and notebook computers have their own strengths, they will cater to different consumers, to achieve a complementary effect." Article Source:..articlesnatch../Article/Tablet-PC-is-hard-to-replace-the-notebook-market-position/1643646 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: