Taiwan media: Cai authorities position changeable highlights ruling arrogant Beijing China Taiwan news network August 29th according to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported that the Taiwan authorities took office just over a hundred days, in addition to a number of policy inconsistent "hairpin", people party legislators and officials made the situation with 520 words add fuel to the flames. (Taiwan’s inauguration day) than before, not only highlighting the DPP in opposition, when the two sets of standards, but also reflects the ruling authorities Cai arrogance. The report pointed out that Taiwan Hualian mayor election, the DPP candidate lost the election, legislators Duanyi Kang on Facebook (Facebook) issued a "contempt for voters that caused public discontent; Taiwan’s" Executive Yuan "to compensate for the loss of mainland tourists, wanted to Southeast Asia waved, then claimed to be sent to the mainland of Taiwan tourism marketing; previously Taoyuan MRT company has put forward 4522 abnormal items machine Jie, the" ministry "and" independent security investigation "," first opened by the end of the biggest improvement again "; all these make people look confused, do not know whether these decisions are based on professional considerations, or political considerations override everything? Owe an apology to resist unreasonable questions, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan Lin before the date of Facebook in the official explained, "hairpin" has 3 ways: one is distorted, erroneous interpretation; two is the policy really do the adjustment; three is changed by promoting the difficulties, all said to do "the adjustment is not bad," also refers to a democratic society to "listen to the voice of the people". The report pointed out that the reason sounds reasonable, but it is difficult to withstand scrutiny. For example, if you think it is correct, the Democratic Progressive Party in full swing, how can be pushed to the outside world, distorted, wrong interpretation, can not defend and clarify? In addition, the policy has been adjusted, it is necessary to explain the reasons for the "bend" clearly? If it is "blue" Regulations "green" with the original unreasonable boycott, whether the authorities owe an apology? In addition, it was found that after the implementation of difficult, why without careful planning? Reported that Cai Yingwen in the front office for the DPP "humble", but from the major construction to cross-strait relations, the so-called "being kidnapped ideology" and "who turns please" and "communication" of the new administration, facing the policy is questioned in straitened circumstances. Use of cross-strait exchange interruption reported that the Taiwan authorities is to use a treatment for the livelihood of people on both sides of the relationship, despite the side effects of communication interruption of the cluster. One of the most puzzling is that the "Executive Yuan Tourism Development Committee convener Zhang Jingsen in 520 after the mainland tourists said" we close the faucet is not reduced, but now the "instructions" Tourism Bureau ", Taiwan tourism marketing, this contradiction? Finally, the report said, in the past, said the KMT to sell Taiwan, the mainland to suppress the DPP, in full after the ruling and how to turn out the reasons for the lack of governance to the KMT and the mainland? (Lu Jiajing)相关的主题文章: