In the long road go in mind — new writing on the third Memorial Day – Military – immortal feats annals, red indelible memory. In commemoration of the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army Long March, we ushered in the commemoration of the third martyrs. On the morning of 30, the party and state leaders together with the capital on behalf of all walks of life, presented wreaths to the people’s Heroes in Tiananmen square. Never, don’t forget the antecedents, enjoy the autumn breeze Xu Yang, we cherish all the more to thousands on thousands of national prosperity and rejuvenation, people’s happiness and bloodshed, selfless dedication of the revolutionary martyrs. Towering monument with blood cast, one after another by faith. 80 years ago, the leadership of the Communist Party of China Chinese Red Army aspect ten provinces, has experienced numerous difficulties and dangers, victory finished twenty-five thousand in the long march known to the world, to achieve a great turning point of the Communist Party and the revolutionary cause Chinese Chinese from defeat to victory. On the Long March, the Red Army soldiers not only suffered millions of Kuomintang troops besieged, but also face hunger, cold, injuries and death threats; an average of 3 days occurred in a fierce battle, the average every 300 meters there is 1 of the Reds’ sacrifice. The Red Army soldiers with ideals and beliefs, the heroic spirit, never yield in spite of reverses as solid as rocks to win the great tenacity, wrote the magnificent epic. The long march spirit, embodies the patriotism as the core of the national spirit, build the spirit of the Chinese nation and the spirit of the Highlands, pedigree red boat spirit, Jinggangshan spirit, the spirit of the war, the Yanan spirit and the spirit of common Huicheng glorious, is constantly inspire us forward courageously a powerful spiritual force. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "full of love for the country, for the people of all nationalities, paid their lives for peace, no matter how the times change, we must never forget their sacrifice." Cherish the happiness of life not easily won, cherish the precious spiritual wealth, the times call for us not to forget the historical memory, inheriting the spirit of the blood, stimulate the progressive forces along the revolutionary martyrs with their blood and lives paved the road of national rejuvenation relay struggle. Can not forget to open up the future. At present, China has 277 national Martyrs Memorial facilities. According to statistics, there are 1.5 people visited the martyrs memorial facilities nationwide each year million passengers. No matter in the martyrs cemetery, bow salute, or through online message, electronic flowers and other way to pay homage to the hero, are in the expression of martyrs of the respect of history, respect. But we should also see that in recent years the history of nihilism dregs from time to time. Some people in the so-called "true" and "reasonable doubt" coat, distort the truth in history, the deconstruction of sublime in slander hero, attempting to disrupt the spirit of our country and nation. "Forgetting history means betrayal." Resolutely resist and oppose the history of nihilism, to create a good atmosphere of advocating hero, the memory of the martyrs in the whole society, can not let the historical memory to national dignity disgraceful, damaged, a good guardian of the spirit of the Chinese nation roots. A generation has the mission of a generation, a generation of people to play. In the realization of the "two years" goal, the realization of the Chinese dream of a new long march on the road, the responsibility of our generation in the shoulder, no responsibility for the next one hundred)相关的主题文章: