Taxi and car rental branch: refining net about car service flow Beijing September new network – 30, recently, China Road Transport Association taxi and car rental branch 2016 year first director office meeting held in Beijing. Wang Xiuchun, director of the Department of transportation services division of the Ministry of transport and taxi management, China Road Transport Association President Wang Limei, China Road Transport Association, director of the Department of industry policy equality was invited to attend the meeting. The newly elected Association of the fifth session of the board of directors of taxi and car rental branch chairman, Lu Zhengyao, chairman of China excellent car chaired the meeting. It is understood that the meeting developed a study plan for the second half of 2016. Among them, Wang Xiuchun on the Ministry of transportation to deepen the reform of the taxi industry policy formulation, how to regulate the development of online booking taxi, and actively promote the development of the car rental industry speech. Wang Limei on how to deepen the reform of the current taxi industry in the critical period, from the provision of services, reflecting the demands of normative behavior in three areas to do a good job in the work of the trade associations. At the same time, Lu Zhengyao, chairman of the Council on the promotion of always adhere to the principle of two-way service, and constantly promote the healthy development of the rental rental industry, the topic of the report. Lu Zhengyao believes that car rental and rental car industry, the overall situation for a long time to improve the development and challenges." In view of the current network about car service lack of relevant standards, service standards are not unified, the industry overall level of service defect not neat, branch will cooperate with the Ministry of transport, in accordance with the "quality service, differentiated management" basic principles, and actively participate in the development of "around the introduction of online booking taxi service standards", and comprehensively refinement operators clear about the driver of the car, the net transport vehicles, operators of the service process, the maximum guarantee operation safety, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, to provide a safe, comfortable, fast and high-quality travel service. At the same time, liuzhengyao also pointed out that the car was to handle traffic violations, fraud prone is a common problem at the present stage of the car rental industry, branch will accelerate the standardized lease vehicle road traffic violations processing work mechanism, improve the car rental fraud teapot mechanism and the construction of credit system, reduce business risk. In addition, liuzhengyao proposed branch will cooperate with the floor of the new deal, to strengthen industry propaganda, improve social awareness; to strengthen the construction of promotion for the member enterprises and government administration service level continuously, to boost the car rental and car rental industry healthy and sustainable development.相关的主题文章: