Note that tens of millions of pieces of sanitary napkins into Hubei and other false ends easily lead to gynecological diseases of female friends, the market some "whisper", "ABC", "the seven space", "Sophie" and other well-known brands of sanitary napkins, may be false. Recently, Jiangxi Nanchang police cracked the case of counterfeiting registered trademarks, criminal detention of 2 suspects, and seized fake "whisper", "ABC", "the seven space", "Sophie" and "Jieling" brand of sanitary napkins more than 3 pieces (a total of more than 1000 pieces), involving a total value of more than 4000 yuan. The police seized fake sanitary napkins by criminal gangs simple process, low investment, but it can get high profits. They put the housing as a production workshop, without any formalities, no disinfection facilities, produce a large number of fake and shoddy sanitary napkins sold in Hunan, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Guangdong, Xinjiang, Henan and other parts of the country. The owner of the bar to make false bankruptcy napkin before there have been some fake whisper, ABC, seven degrees space, Sophie, and other brands of sanitary napkins market of Nanchang. The police investigation found that these fake sanitary napkins selling point in Nanchang. In September this year, the police will be the main suspects a certain arrest. The police seized fake sanitary napkin million Moumou originally engaged in the business of bar, the bar after the collapse of 2013 picked up maternal and child nursing do commodity packaging and raw material suppliers, distributors Lai jeong. Wan Moumou think that processing, packaging, production of sanitary napkins simple, profitable. See the "business" of a million, to take advantage of loopholes in producing fake sanitary napkins. Hire relatives and friends of the crime and so on a group of anti reconnaissance consciousness is very high and not easy to believe others. He found his cousin, high rent which is located in Nanchang County East Xinxiang Sha Tin village houses, production, packaging as a hidden dens, and hire the dens responsible for packing and so on. The cousin after joining him again in Nanchang County Silver Triangle dyeing factory to find the two houses as a warehouse, and hired his brother-in-law in charge of freight. The police seized fake sanitary napkins to deceive the public, Wan XX in Nanchang a high-grade office rent 2 rooms as office, hire their own trusted friend Lee, as treasurer, and Lee husband at home to do the printing business, there are opportunities in the purchase of raw materials. At this point a clear division of labor, the formation of organized crime gangs. Wan Moumou hiding behind the command, and the financial office in the office, responsible for withdrawals, transfers and other work, the surface looks like a regular company. But by the workers in remote rural housing organizations cousin concealed packaging, processing, production, police, workshop window all drew the curtains, workers are local villagers. The production of goods to a certain amount, there will be a truck to the Silver Triangle dyeing factory warehouse. Change the "deceive the public police, the warehouse has a dozen kilometers away from production dens, equipped with specialized vehicles and drivers. Weekdays closed door, only when the truck will open shortly after passing. When the goods are delivered, the warehouse goods are loaded and transported to the logistics station network相关的主题文章: