The army is a base of flight accutlog innovation team (Figure) – Dream Sky military — autumn season, Horqin grassland Trinidad, Phi gold cenglinjinran, constitute a beautiful picture of autumn. "Report of host, target radar, impact solution……" On the prairie, twelve bursts of rockets into the sky into the sky, leaving a magnificent ballistic curve. This is the rocket flight attitude measurement history and a classic picture — multi target simultaneously tracking multiple devices at the same time, guide multi batch attack and monitoring, to promote the test pattern changes from performance assessment to test for air combat; 5 batches of 5 kinds of target tracking, the 13 time nodes accurately control; 25 sets of equipment to effectively guide, fast acquisition and accurate tracking, testing, implementation of cooperative control of multiple targets…… Control of the hall, a bright smiling face to the original silent space into a sea of joy. Known as the "ballistic line inspection division" of the army base Kyrgyzstan projectile flight attitude measurement and innovation team, first-class scientific research and technology once again created the sky gallop artisan precision". This is a brave dream team, a daring sword collective. In 2002, the team was established at the beginning of the cold and the senior engineer and his comrades in the target missile measurement task, found that the measurement data with the speed of change has small interference regularly, without any information can refer to, in order to understand this problem, he and his comrades on the road. The journey is very bitter, very hard, very lonely, need strong force, painstaking static, endure loneliness, sitting on the bench. Innovation team junlingzhuang: do not see the micro Doppler effect does not give up! After study diligently, many barriers never yield in spite of reverses, is to get rid of, one problem to be overcome. In 2003, the research team of innovation team, a certain type of radar test technology and computer-aided measurement system, the results of the military science and Technology Progress Award three, so that the probability of a certain type of radar acquisition target to a new level. Precise measurement of innovation is a lonely run, go from perennial desert, plateau, mountains, islands, and boring, monotonous data, arc dealing, lonely and tired can hardly be avoided. In the minutes and seconds, PA showdown test in the Kingdom, the emerging talent, innovation continues to activate the "tip team" dash "made illustrious military exploits". Last year, a certain type of defense weapon system test stage, "almighty Engineering" Chang Huajun led the innovation team, after 2 days and 2 nights set of intellectual research, creative use of new processing methods for radar data analysis and signal to noise ratio acceleration characteristic point data, became the first successful admission. The same year, a certain type of rocket range is nearly has been plagued by the development team initiative to help manufacturers, manufacturers find range near, precise positioning of the flight direction and the axis angle is too large this cause, the bullet provides data support for the improvement of the main manufacturers. How strong creativity, the pace of catching up fast. Facing the hitherto unknown problem, as they race against time, while fighting with difficulties. "The Chinese very crazy (Chinese too crazy) are." This)相关的主题文章: