The Beijing Olympics logo to received selected works won the 200 thousand prize – Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Jia Ting) yesterday, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics emblem and winter Paralympic Games emblem (hereinafter referred to as the "emblem") design collection office will be ushered in the first submission, from Beijing several college of Art design and some amateur designers pay his own works. Yesterday was the first day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games emblem and the winter Paralympic Games emblem (hereinafter referred to as the "emblem") design submission submission. Beijing Gehua building than usual day off a lot of excitement, 11 storey building is the emblem of Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter and winter Paralympic Games emblem design collection office, the staff already waiting there, they will greet the first batch of logo design solicitation applicants submission. More than 9 points, several scientists from the Beijing College of art design professional designers with their work in the collection office. After more than a hundred days of ideas, scrutiny, they changed the design of countless times, the first day in the solicitation of the emblem of the submission of their own more satisfied with the work. However, do not think that the design of the emblem is just a professional thing, from the Jingshan Hill school three grade class of more than 20 pupils under the leadership of teachers and parents, came to the office of the emblem of the collection. The children with pure innocence in the teacher’s guidance, will be on the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter dream and hope the expression in his works. The reporter learned that, in July 31st, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee in Beijing to commemorate the first anniversary of the successful Shen Winter Olympics, officially for the global collection design plan of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics emblem and winter Paralympic Games emblem, attracted widespread attention at home and abroad from all walks of life, professional design agencies. Beijing Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee official micro-blog opened the Beijing Winter Olympic Games emblem design topics, as of November 17, 2016, the number of micro-blog read more than 6 million 619 thousand, the social repercussions. It is understood that the emblem of the collection work will be 30 at the end of this month, 16, submission of relevant technical documents available in the official website of the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee () download. According to the plan, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee will begin to review the design scheme in December, a total of 10 selected projects, each project bonus 10000 yuan, into the top three programs, each reward 30000 yuan. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics emblem Award Scheme of 100000 yuan, the 2022 Beijing winter Paralympic Games emblem winners prize of 100000 yuan (three bonus not cumulative enter check received a bonus of up to 30000 yuan; the final selected program of up to 200000 yuan). The emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Games emblem are expected to be released in the second half of 2017.相关的主题文章: