The car on the most expensive of the 5 small parts of money on them! We know that there are about 20 thousand or 30 thousand parts in a car. These 00 separate components of a car, due to the long-term use of these components will inevitably be damaged, do not underestimate these parts, due to the long-term use of them is replaced, causing many daily car costs, and some parts are too expensive. 1, the rearview mirror these days to hear a lot of car rearview mirror stolen, funny is the Mercedes Benz car thief stole the left rear view mirror. A look at the thief is about a car, a rearview mirror is generally removed by "technology" and understand Benz anti glare rearview mirror on the left, so the left than the right side of your. In fact, some car rearview mirror is very expensive, so only after stealing people such as a mirror, a piece of original BMW X5 rearview mirror, with heating and anti glare, assembly needs 7000 yuan, excluding labor costs, 2 dollars is 1. Benz E260 rearview mirror then left with anti glare function of a more than 3 thousand yuan, one thousand on the right one. The rearview mirror is not stolen, is particularly easy to rub, so the replacement frequency is very high. 2, a lot of headlight damage accidents or rub are easy to cause the car headlights, with 320 BMW LED headlamps, 4S in the store for at least to about 10 thousand. When it comes to headlights, said Audi’s lights are not very cheap, in fact, Audi in the headlights up and down a lot of effort: in 1992, Audi began to use red LED lights. 1994, Audi A4 loading 4 headlights headlamps. In 2003, Audi began to use striped LED lights. In 2004, Audi began to use white LED lights. 2005, Audi began to use full function LED headlamps. In 2007, Audi launched a liner headlights on A4. 2009, Audi launched a collection of all LED headlights luxury sedan A8. 2011, Audi launched on the concept of laser headlamps. 2011, Audi began to try OLED lights. 2013, Audi launched matrix LED headlamps. So there are two kinds of lights in the world, one is the Audi light, one is the other lights. 3, the most important automotive electronic module in the sub driver’s glove box under the right side of the plastic board in the computer ECU, in fact, there are a variety of electronic modules on the car and are not cheap. And many is bad, especially in the summer, more rain if improper drainage or electronic module can easily be flooded rain damage. 4, the spark plug is usually the case, the service life of the spark plug is 10 kilometers, is generally the carbon deposition of spark plug can not be used, resulting in a lot of reasons, such as carbon, poor air quality, oil well, the city traffic congestion caused by the incomplete combustion of fuel, carbon deposition. Generally a little better spark plug a one hundred or two hundred, for the 4 or 6 that is about 1000 of the tires, tires, tire use frequency system相关的主题文章: