The disclosure mechanism of ending the escapement cow path exposure Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament – reporter Wu Shan once a year the disclosure of listed companies has been officially closed, the market in 3100 points before faltering, the report seems to be the biggest surprise relationship whether market continued to rise the. As of August 31st, A shares of Listed Companies in mid 2016 report card released, including funds, venture capital, QFII, brokerage, social security funds, including institutional investment layout affects the market nerves. Some analysts believe that the short-term risk of A shares in the market to continue to adjust the release, the valuation of many stocks have returned to a more reasonable level, then the opportunity to enter the. However, investors need to note that the future by the subject of speculation opportunity to make money less and less, looking for the performance of good fundamentals, a reasonable valuation of the industry and company, stock and investment logic reference mechanism bigwigs is wise. "Securities Daily" reporter according flush iFinD statistics show that as of the end of the two quarter, the five institutions (funds, insurance funds, QFII, social security funds, brokerage stocks) the number of shares over million shares of 329, Chinese life (19 billion 464 million 445 thousand shares), Minsheng Bank (7 billion 491 million 604 thousand and 800 shares), Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (4 billion 896 million 967 thousand and 500 shares) and the Agricultural Bank (4 billion 549 million 767 thousand and 500 shares), Industrial Bank (3 billion 360 million 328 thousand shares), China Merchants Bank (3 billion 210 million 489 thousand and 600 shares), golden group (2 billion 390 million 956 thousand and 500 shares), Ping An Bank (1 billion 923 million 853 thousand and 900 shares), Bank of Communications (1 billion 232 million 691 thousand and 400 shares), China Ping (1 billion 115 million 984 thousand and 400 shares), Huaxia Bank (1 billion 63 million 381 thousand shares), industrial and Commercial Bank (1 billion 12 million 36 thousand and 700 shares), CITIC Securities (1 billion 750 thousand shares) and other stocks at the end of the two quarter of five large number of institutional ownership over 1 billion shares. The proportion of shares held by the five largest institutions accounted for the proportion of tradable shares, there are 65 stocks held by the largest number of shares accounted for more than 30% of the proportion of tradable shares of more than five. Among them, five institutions hold China life the number of shares in the proportion of the outstanding shares of the top, reached 93.47%, Kaiser shares, golden group, the Taiwan Strait nuclear power stocks the proportion also surpassed 50%, respectively 54.42%, 53.12%, 52.41%, in addition, Henghua Technology (48.71%), (47.20%) – century, Spring Airlines (46.41% Ningbo), high (46.18%), netposa (45.43%), probiotic shares (42.47%), (42.10%), with Sunway communication technology (41.36%), Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical (41.34%), the public and the shares (41.29%), CI Wen media (41.14%), sinocera (40.31%) and other stocks accounted for the the ratio is more significant. The above 65 stocks, in addition to the current suspension of only 7 stocks, there are 39 stocks rose in the month, on相关的主题文章: