The fairy also amnesia? "-" William Feng Maddie’s injury amnesia – Sohu entertainment William Feng CaSO Sohu entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the TV series "-" is every Monday and Tuesday night 22:00 Hunan TV broadcast. William Feng, Victoria Song, Medina staged a love triangle, a dispute in which three of us are walking together there will be a sad this week in the pear falls (Song Qianshi) back edge Syracuse once again confirmed: the sword of the spirit of God damaged Castle (William Feng ornaments) and then throw amnesia, nevertheless they still remember the pear falls the beast scream. Hold and Sang Lan long winded couple (Medina ornaments) still sweet phase contrast images of sad and strong, sweet child style is actually a prelude to the three tragic feelings. "Even if you forget everything, still remember her, I finally know what you want", when the mist clothes happily come to Castle, but found that he and pear fall after a hug, let many users a message lost and sad: "just like the mist clothes like get up the courage to vindicate, but found that male God and goddess walk hand in hand, the complex mood presumably and Sang Lan as well", "Castle amnesia can remember pear drop visible deep love, this a good child"! Once Medina interpreted the role of Sang Lan said "Sang Lan is really good for the CaSO, pear drop is a kind of envy, she doesn’t love you is that card Sony Ericsson never mind, let the castle happiness is the greatest happiness of her is actually a very distressing role". "-" love in the jump off the domestic drama love game must fight at outrance, a life-and-death struggle pattern, let the one you love happy instead of exclusive happiness, whether it is the wind and tide ya (Zhang Yujian) (Chen Xinyu ornaments) to lay down their love of emotion, or Dan Yan (Zhang Mengshi) to pursue without compulsion frankly, the concept of "multi -" love in a more natural and unrestrained. The reproduction of the original energy plot in the next story, this couch was killed, mermaid humiliated drama will be presented one by one for the audience. At the same time, in order to expel the castle on the sword of the spirit, the pear falls will again make sacrifices, and signed the agreement with the fall of oracle. More exciting stay up every Monday, Tuesday night 22:00 Hunan tv.相关的主题文章: