The fairy tale "the little prince" ShangHai Railway Station perfect ending musical set sail again – Sohu entertainment     produced by big media, the new upgrade of the fairy tale "the little prince" is the perfect ending in the Shanghai Art Theatre on September 18th. Night downpour, still can not stop the enthusiasm of the audience, the scene All seats are occupied. whether adult or child, are immersed in his world, unable to extricate themselves, all emotions are driven by the little prince, with him together with a wonderful planet trip. The end of the three day after the show, the fairy tale "the little prince" in Shanghai also harvest countless praise, the audience said in an interview at the end of the show: "this is the best I’ve seen" Little Prince ", has never been so touched. The scene with the perfect lighting, although is a familiar story, but the scene atmosphere I really like the little prince in the Star Trek as follow." At the same time, CEO big media, "the little prince Chinese father Liu Dayi will also tour the three musical the little prince on the agenda, this once won the" 2014 China musical theater box office five "," 2015 China small theater box office "," KIDS’CHOICES Song Festival 150 million children choose the most welcome to the musical "and many other awards shows, and will be in Beijing in November to meet with you. Touched by the fairy tale "the little prince" Shanghai old story ending diminished Shanghai field fairy tale "the little prince" still maintained a high level of performance in Beijing field, or even get rid of the deficiencies summarized from Beijing on the field, so to bring to the audience is more audio-visual and stories with extraordinary experience of beauty. A fox, a unique rose, a lonely prince. A short story, have been staged countless times in different places, but every time can bring new audiences moved, the profound meaning of every time you will also contain the "Little Prince" behind there a new understanding. Rose, gangster, businessman, vanity, drunkard, lamplighter, geographer, snakes, foxes, each of which is the original "Little Prince" in various characteristics and the role of them is the one and only, and the little prince, only part of this department set people thinking in the fairy tales. We follow the little prince in the interstellar journey, all the way to the pursuit of the "adults", the meaning of "domestication" thinking. The rose is eager to be "unique", and the fox wants to be tamed. No one can understand the loneliness of the little prince, sometimes we will feel this way. "Little Prince" is wonderful, it is because it can make each of us have a deep resonance, touch the softest part of our hearts. The musical "the little prince" three patrol opened again ran for 10 days in 2014 the big media musical "the little prince", with its excellent production level, perfect choreography, excellent performers performing skills and invited famous musicians brought high standard of music, captured a large number of loyal audience, and the round tour. Now, Liu Dayi’s deep "little prince.相关的主题文章: