The Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in December? Yellen has a word leaked secret U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) news Beijing time on Thursday (September 22nd) at 2 in the morning, the Fed interest rate decision in September six consecutive meetings scheduled, halt the troops and wait! In the monetary policy statement pointed out that the probability of increase in interest rates during the year, and the dot matrix display or increase interest rates during the year. It is worth noting that the meeting of the Commission to raise interest rates soared to three, making the number of dissenting members of the voting Committee hit the highest since December 2014. Against: Cleveland Fed President Meister, Boston Fed President Rosengren, Kansas Fed President George… At the end of the September monetary policy meeting, the market expected the Fed will raise interest rates in December! According to Bloomberg data, the U.S. federal funds rate futures contract shows that the probability of December this year after the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates since 58%… Since December 2015 the implementation of nearly 10 years for the first time this year to raise interest rates, the Fed rate hike the road is full of rough, roadblocks are frequent: from the beginning of the global financial market by June and turbulent, UK the European "Black Swans"… But the global market is really ready for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in December? I’m afraid not! Looking back, Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen said at a press conference, I and other colleagues to discuss the next time to raise interest rates, the Fed most people believe that the reasons for the recent increase in interest rates. If there is no new risk, is expected to raise interest rates this year. Most people think it’s wise to wait for more reasons. Some market participants pointed out that Yellen mentioned at the press conference, if there is no new risk, is expected to raise interest rates this year". This means that if so or the emergence of new risks, the Fed rate hike this year probably will be wasted"! Analysts pointed out that, in addition to economic data in the United States, from the current view of the global market, the Fed decision risk events gathered: Britain and the United States presidential election, Europe off negotiations, Italy constitutional referendum, as well as Europe, especially Italy’s banking crisis and so on, it will become a stumbling block to the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates during the year on the road "". 1, the United States presidential election despite the long poll has been Hilary ahead of Trump, but the recent emergencies (double doors, and so on are faint) led to Hilary’s support rate fell, the current Trump’s support rate only slightly behind Hilary. If the November presidential election, Trump’s election victory, not only for the Fed is a greater risk (Trump had threatened to replace Yellen), for the United States and even the world is a huge uncertainty. There is no doubt that the Fed’s monetary policy will be affected by this interference. 2, the Italy constitutional referendum in October, Italy will hold a referendum. This event is believed to be the market after the British referendum back to Europe after the detonation of a market risk point. And compared to the United Kingdom back to Europe, the potential impact of the referendum in Italy may be greater than the impact of the EU’s return to Europe on the political environment in europe. One相关的主题文章: