"The first Asian" 22 year old cousin home Dutch act married only 7 months Clara cousin Li Laina 4 Dutch Act (data plan) according to Taiwan media reports, was named "the first Asian" South Korean actress Clara (Clara) cousin Li Laina in April this year to get married, married less than 7 months, was shocked by the news of November 4th death Dutch act in the United States, at the age of 22, young life jade incense. Was named "Asia’s first beauty," South Korean actress Clara, according to South Korean media reports, Li Laina, 22 years old, committed suicide in the United States in the United States at the age of 4, was found no signs of life. Her father is a well-known South Korean singing group "koreana" a cousin is a well-known artist Clara in April this year, South Korea CJ Group Chairman and son married, married less than 7 months on the bad news came, let all people regret. CJ group is responsible for the people outside, the exact cause of death is under investigation, two family members are discussing how to carry out the funeral. In fact, Li Laina had nurtured father and cousin, the original dream also entered the entertainment circle, has a star dream, but later because of their studies and went to study in the United States, and later her son exchanges CJ group chairman for 2 years, in April of this year into the auditorium, was only invited relatives a total of 10 people, held a simple wedding.相关的主题文章: