The first country concert held to raise public feelings – Sohu culture channel   in the scenic spot of Jingshan;   in November 5th, the first to raise the public feelings village concert held in Hubei Jingshan County, a remote village Liangshan village. More than 140 from Guangdong, Hubei, Beijing, Shanghai and other places of business, media, marketing, cultural circles sing heartily here, with more than 200 local villagers spent a sleepless night. This is the third season of "unbridled youth" activities. Since 2014, unbridled Youth Music Party has successfully hosted the two season. Unbridled Youth Music Party and concert the biggest difference is: first, to raise the public feelings. Participants, both the singers and the audience or post pictures, the film makers are at their own expense to participate, related resources are needed by the concert to raise public; two participants, most are not to sing for the non professional occupation of the singer. They are from the business, marketing, arts, cultural elite. They have a common characteristic, that is, love music, love life. The background music is unbridled youth activities.     as a domestic influential community located in the feelings, unbridled youth people link, not the old feelings ignited the release of passion and ideal. The purpose is to warm each other, lit each other. This year, unbridled youth members think it necessary to go out of Guangzhou in the third quarter, to the greater the distance. They chose the community sponsors "bear" the hometown as the host of this year’s event. The background of the stage is that he once lived two years old earth. This makes the show a strong symbolic meaning. In this way, they expressed their nostalgia for the homeland, the fear of the land, as well as the status quo of China’s rural concerns. The organization of the concert and the choice of location, making it no doubt become China’s first public offering of all the feelings of the country concert. During the event, local villagers also expressed great interest and enthusiasm, they not only develop the mobilization for the site formation and the roads, to contribute their strength. But like a large, help the aged and the young, involved.     this called "country road, take me home" concert repertoire in addition to nostalgia, friendship and for having heard it many times the performance of pastoral songs, such as "listen to the stories of past", "when you are old", "outside world", "swan goose", "village of love", "Hometown", "thank you", and a group of people who love music original not only reflects the spirit of youth and wanton, the "country road, take me home" theme with songs, such as 35+’s "friends", Lin Yu’s "Daily", Fang Hui, Chen Xiaolin’s "beautiful field", "Yi Na although you ten years later" regardless of personal danger, living in Beijing’s famous music Jingshan nationals Lijiang Xiaoqian also made a special trip to Jingshan, sang her fame as "a moment", "soft time". And this event is the theme song of youth by unbridled members re lyrics and remake of John Denver’s "country roads take me home". This song sung with the world eternal classic.相关的主题文章: