The gang sold Beijing indicators for university graduates for office located in Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) Beijing public and information technology limited company responsible person Tianmou, and more than 10 large state-owned enterprises and high-tech company personnel responsible person together, 4 years for more than 40 of college graduates for the Beijing Hukou the illegal profits of more than 300 yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, led by Tianmou 15 people guilty of buying or selling the crime of state organs or abuse of power, was sentenced to 3 years to 1 years imprisonment or probation. According to the Haidian District procuratorate accused, Tianmou together with Zhang Moumou and others, from July 2010 to July 2014, in Haidian District and other places for official documents in Beijing illegal, and sold to the Tsinghua University, Peking University and other fresh graduates more than 40 people, which settled in Beijing. In July 15, 2014, Tian Mou was arrested. Subsequently, the public security organs arrested Zhang and other 12 people; Qiaomou Kwak, two active Tianmou, appearing in court; Zhang and other 11 people after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime. Zhang, pay, Joe 3 have surrendered plot. After the incident, Qiaomou, 6 people in a restitution of 30 thousand yuan to 260 thousand yuan of money. Haidian procuratorate believes that Tianmou 14 people have committed the crime of buying and selling state organs, Zhang Moumou behavior has constituted the crime of abuse of state owned company personnel. Court, Tianmou pleaded guilty and confessed that he was to help relatives and friends of the children settled in Beijing procedures, but also gradually familiar with the relevant processes and materials required. Later, Tianmou met to triangle network technology Beijing Co. Ltd and China Railway sixteen Bureau of personnel Zhang Moumou, three people began to joint reselling Beijing hukou. Tianmou account for Beijing released in a large number of online advertising, and selected for the list. Zhang, Zhang et al according to the list, the use of the unit, or find a unit for the Ying Jiesheng settled in Beijing indicators. Tianmou and lawyers argued that Tianmou is the first offenders, subjective malignant small, and has surrendered and meritorious service, and is willing to actively ill gotten gains, so I hope the court to be given a lighter or mitigated punishment; in addition, Zhang and other defendants were also pleaded guilty, but their lawyers are from their own situation, also hope to get the court lenient sentence. Haidian court of final trial, Tianmou 34 people apply for a Beijing hukou, involving more than 610 yuan; Zhang 16 people account for Beijing, involving more than 190 yuan; pay a 5 people account for Beijing, involving 1 million 320 thousand yuan; Shen, Liu for a total of more than 20 should be the master graduates account for Beijing, and the amount from 180 thousand yuan to 980 thousand yuan. As the chief technical cadres Personnel Department of China Railway sixteen Bureau Group Corporation, Zhang Moumou responsible for college graduates in the recruitment process, in violation of the company’s recruitment process, 6 graduates account for Beijing, which, because of the incident, the two accounts have been sixteen Bureau of China Railway Group Limited received, but ultimately did not set up procedures do. After verification, these graduates have not participated in the work of the unit. After the court hearing in Haidian that the defendant Tianmou 14 people.相关的主题文章: