Games The online game TERA on the official website of the seventh to open the sixth race Aman, the context, the skills in place. Aman meaning large family size of deterrence, with a ferocious beast of instinct, but they have both a guardian of the mission of the continent. Aman has a tough skin and strong muscle build, personality, uninhibited, justice, war. Aman became a sacred empire of slaves, by Ares Cares helped lift the lives of slaves, instead Shara city north of the continent, so as not to forget God of War Cares through the town called Kaiyaduole. The Aman family of childhood education by the parents responsible for youth, Aman can participate in ritual ceremonies, and assume various obligations, but can not participate in the issue of kinship. Until the rite of passage, you can get the name, arms, and the relationship of things, and express their thoughts. In addition, the family of Aman is free love, the concept of monogamy, marriage is extremely loyal. They live in the fortress was built of stone and metal, we can see that they attached great importance to military purposes, of simple and practical way of life and leads them to despise those who, from time to time lost . Furthermore, the race of Yaman with a high degree of responsibility that must protect the weak, it will not lower the bullying. At the same time, with the following four .petencies, can stand to protect the position of the other person to be.e the strongest warrior. Skill Description Name Force: Increased hunting reversal stunned the strength / stiffness to the probability of 70% for 30 seconds. The descendants of Duffing own damage under 30% HP reduced by 10%, was attacked by. Strong and sustained damage to resist an increase of 10. Fossil mineral experts increase in acquisition rate. Describes a stage when most can not wait to Today, TERA has published a six-race, there are still human races introduced by the race, will be able to full attendance, and launch a detailed set of processes and activities will also gradually emerging, if you are now concerned about the TERA may wish to go to the website of TERA propaganda! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: