" the most influential public welfare project " poll results freshly – issued by Sohu   sponsored by China welfare lottery management center, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the welfare lottery center with large Shuangseqiu theme marketing activities — "the double chromosphere? Since the dream for everyone charity tour since October 10th the curtain, caused great repercussions in the country. After a half month nationwide show award, October 24th, the first stage of "the most influential public welfare project" before 20 (a total of 21 projects, including Heilongjiang, Daqing, Hebei second welfare lottery to offer the truth, love student "tied for twentieth poll released).     the selection from all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the civil affairs department and the use of lottery public welfare fund and welfare lottery center distribution fee in a wide influence, carried out by the local propaganda of public projects, there are a total of 50 lottery public welfare projects for registration. Since the commencement of the event, all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions Fucai Center attaches great importance to implement the plan, actively promote the use of newspaper media, website, WeChat public number, such as video and audio means of publicity, the use of the site and other channels exhibit a full range, mobilize the public voting. The public participation in the lottery, with unprecedented enthusiasm, actively participate in online betting, organization of voting. According to statistics, the platform named "the most influential public welfare project" the total number of votes more than one million. The next stage, the event organizers will be selected according to the top 20 "most influential public welfare project planning 10 public tours, and from the first stage of the" welfare welfare project "voters in a random sample of 100 volunteers" dream hundred group ", respectively, through the 10 public tours to carry out public travel, to complete the task of public welfare, visiting public projects, spread love, promote welfare welfare culture. It is understood that the activities of the second stages of "the double chromosphere dream for everyone?" charity tour premiere and the "love" of public walking activities will be held in Chongqing, at present, the preparatory work is carried out in wildly beating gongs and drums. There is love, there is a dream. Have a dream, everyone is ok. The double chromosphere, bring you dreams, transfer your love. Activity reports please visit Chinese welfare lottery center official website (the top 20 most influential public welfare project  相关的主题文章: