The magazine has a value: the paparazzi Zhuo Wei, Zhuo Wei praise [Abstract] I think it is right that should be civilized, "Zhuo Wei" and its disputes storm value. Zhuo Wei (data plan) League magazine on Zhuo Wei: photographers there is valuable Tencent entertainment news recently, "Chinese Youth magazine" published "Zhuo Wei" existing value? "The paparazzi think is the value of its existence. Subsequently, Zhuo Wei I forwarded the article, and said: China Youth, the reporter summed up well, deep understanding." The original text is as follows: Sinorama written the famous "Chinese first paparazzi" Zhuo Wei, and recently he was frequently broke and resident causes about hot search, how to judge the Zhuo Wei controversy. He is a very human principle of news, "the stars did not burst what wrong, to the public to restore the truth, some people with deep hatred and resentment to be regarded as" incited shameless peeping ", more readers of this joint expressing anger," gave such worthless people do report." For a time, all the noise. Allow and accommodate different people to give different views and voices, which do not need any explanation and debate. The surface is quite Zhuo Wei personal right and wrong, it relates to the news, the news value and ideal news ethics understanding and discussion. From this dimension, it is necessary to say, to be quiet, but also need to reflect on the discussion: why do we report Zhuo Wei? In Zhuo Wei as the representative of the occupation paparazzi value in where? Have to admit is that it is a strong demand for entertainment and entertainment news and its supply of barbaric growth, the growing ranks of relevant professionals. As the saying goes, "three hundred and sixty, adventure.has", Zhuo Weizheng is the paparazzi this, and do this for the champion, become the most famous entertainment news providers. Before trying to a negative pole tripo value, we need to clear, whether there is the value of what entertainment news. Whether you want to accept, entertainment as a person’s nature is not to be denied, in this commercial society, the consumption of idol gossip to achieve the purpose of entertainment more understandable. Moreover, the Star Idol also need to be entertainment, consumption to achieve self appreciation. It seems that the existence of entertainment news, whether it is for the general public, or star idols, or commercial consumption are of value. The paradox is that the same as the entertainment news producer, when Zhuo Wei was repeatedly accused of "worthless", the public vision seems to amblyopia many, completely ignored the entertainment news of this trade is what it looks like. If the entry into a circle of understanding, you will find the current entertainment news does not seem so "news". Entertainment reporter used to run, or get a release editor, or make a mouthpiece words will be recorded, all easy and smooth without risk also did not forget to accept red envelopes for transportation. Finally, we see the "cramming" entertainment news (if this is news) are star idols and spare no effort to do positive publicity. The paparazzi Zhuo Wei is walking is another way, he photographed, investigation, tracking, and broke the news, don’t argue whether he truly claimed that, "revealed ming.相关的主题文章: