"The Mekong River action" today release commercial elements package theme – Sohu entertainment "Mekong action" today officially released to create the theme of Dante Lam action drama entertainment Sohu produced by the Bona film group, Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong starred in the blockbuster "the police action the river action" on September 30th in domestic theaters and jointly released in North america. One point: True Crime adapted to create a new pattern of gangster films as Chinese first comes from real crime police movie, "the main melody" label inevitably become one of the "action" of the external image of the Mekong river. The scenes at the director Lin Chaoxian, again after a lapse of three years’ gangster action movie, also said, was moved by the story of the play and pattern. With a large number of super large texture of the commercial elements of the main theme of the film packaging, but also the Chinese action film created an unprecedented new pattern. In the film Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng from the sky to the jungle, from the mall after the car to the boat shooting, the film is adapted from the real case of "10.5 China crew in Golden Triangle killed" "action" is the Mekong 360 degree reduction of the whole process of Chinese overseas law enforcement police for the first time, taken from real to live ammunition, each the film details have been test. Two things: the difficulty of high intensive real scene this a China commercial police action first "Mekong action" action to maximize the reduction, the biggest thing is for exciting film 80% foot length of the action, and the director Lin Chaoxian in this respect is the "expert" director, also said his face a There was no parallel in history. challenge. "All previous practice used this drama", the degree of tension can be imagined. "The Mekong River action", always adhere to the "real shooting, shooting, so refused to" setting for the film adaptation of the real case, to enhance the quality of great. Director Lin Chaoxian before the shooting, also repeatedly visited the Mekong River in Golden Triangle area, and even sneak into the village residents of the drug research of real life. The film for shooting three line combat air sea and land transfer, Lin Chaoxian also brought a hitherto unknown great challenge, he said: "it is an almost impossible task, he is not a bunch of people to kill an enemy, but to capture a hiding in the mountains of the old forest this poison king, to reflect the difficulty of the task, in addition to relying on the high difficulty action packed densely, more need to rely on to reflect the real scene. "Three things: the first high-tech military equipment exclusive secret combat move screen director Lin Chaoxian described as" firearms expert ", from the type of guns, the assembly structure, range distance, intensity, smoke back effect to grip the gun posture and tactical is no one does not know. For shooting gangster film experience, let him get more creative space in the "action" in the Mekong river. This film contains the military equipment, so many fans and military experts are hooked, a dozen guns and rocket launchers, UAV, jump mines special forces and equipment can be seen in the game, everything in the play. .相关的主题文章: