"The New Anime" your name "bursts of Japan (Bilingual) (source: Themes of exchanging English cheese) lives and searching for love have combined to make a Japanese animated film a box office gold. They have also prompted talk that the country has found its successor to the globally famous (successor) director Hayao (Hayao Miyazaki Miyazaki). The body swap fusion with the theme of two-phase seeking love, to become a Japanese cartoon box office ace. More said, Japan has found the world’s successor Hayao Miyazaki. Your Name, directed by Makoto Shinkai (and based on his million-selling ") novel of the same name, is a time-traveling love story about two Japanese teenagers. Since its premiere in Japan this August (Premiere), the film has been watched by over million people. It has earned 12 more than 16 billion yen in domestic box office receipts an, animé milestone previously achieved only by; Miyazaki’s films. by director Makoto Shinkai" your name "is adapted from a novel of the same name sales break million, about 2 Japanese youth through the time of love story. Since the premiere of the film in Japan in August, the number of viewing has reached more than 1200 people. "Your name" in the local box office in Japan accounted for more than 1 billion 600 million yen, previously only Hayao Miyazaki film reached the animation box office milepost. Animé fans have Your popularity Shinkai’s success combining exquisite (refined) animation with attributed Name’s (in) to.相关的主题文章: