The new fund Jiancang cautious optimistic about the fourth quarter growth stocks opportunity Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The establishment of the three quarter of partial shares of the new fund first raised the scale of more than 100 billion yuan in the market within a narrow range pattern under the heavy hand of the new fund Jiancang cautious majority. From the part of the fund announced the listing announcement, the position is generally less than 20%. On the direction of the new fund Jiancang, the main choice of valuation and performance, good plate. The Fund believes that the four quarter market volatility or increase, growth stocks are expected to usher in a rebound opportunity, such as computer, media this year to drop the top part of the company’s stock price gradually returned to a reasonable valuation range, in addition to fund promising new energy automotive industry chain, new technology and new consumption etc.. A quarter past Jiancang cautious, partial stock funds issued "peatlands", but most of the time the new fund Jiancang cautious choice. Net value of the new fund from the point of view, the majority of the net value of the new fund is between 0.98 to $1.01, the net rate of change is far less than the volatility of the index. For example, in July 22nd the establishment of the theme of the central European market volatility is very low. As of October 12th, the fund net value of 1.008 yuan. Established in August 10th, Yinhua Fund’s net growth in Hong Kong and Shanghai deep in value near the fluctuation, and the establishment of the September 7th China Innovation Fund’s net stock is almost always in the "1" yuan near real. In addition, the announcement from the part of the fund’s announcement of the transaction, the position is generally less than 20%. For example, Ping An UOB Dingtai flexible allocation fund released in mid July was established, the fund plans in October 18th listed transactions, as of October 11th, the stock fund positions for 14.34%, the main configuration of the manufacturing industry, information transmission, software and information technology services, leasing and business services. The top ten awkwardness including province wide shares (002400), science and Technology (300370) and (002298) such as Xinlong electric. Peng zengrui flexible configuration hybrid funds listed in September 29th, as of September 22nd, the stock fund positions for 9.88% shareholding, including aerospace electrical (600151), Xiangyu shares (600057), Star Technology (002444) etc.. Fortune SGAM permit all securities trading funds listed in September 14th, as of September 7th, the stock fund positions for 15.31%. Standing at the moment, part of the fund for the four quarter of the market is still cautious. Changxin Fund chief strategist lofty thought, the fourth quarter A stock market downside risk is greater than the upside risk, near the 3100 point proposal to lighten performance and valuation has not matched the subject, such as the lack of appropriate quality standard, it can reduce the overall position. Societe Generale Global Fund Investment Director Dong Chengfei believes that the fourth quarter of the A-share market to some extent, A risk factors faced in the first quarter compared to more. Concerns about the devaluation of the renminbi相关的主题文章: