Nobel Peace Prize know how much: Stalin, who have been nominated for the 2016 peace prize will be announced on October 7th at PM Beijing time on 17:00 in Norway. According to Nobel’s will, the peace prize should be awarded "to promote national unity and friendship, cancellation or reduction of standing armies and for the peace conference and to do its utmost to promote or make the greatest contribution to the people". Let us know some facts about the Nobel peace prize. How many times did the Nobel Peace Prize award? Since 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded 96 times and has not been awarded for the first time in the year of 1014-1916: 191819231924,, 1948, 1939-1943, 1955-1956,, 1966-1967, and. The reason why no one has won the peace prize in these years is because the Nobel Foundation’s Charter states that "if the candidate’s work does not have the importance of the first paragraph, the bonus is to be retained for the following year. If the award is still not issued in the following year, the bonus will be deposited in the fund." In the first and two world wars, rarely awarded the Nobel prize. Share the Nobel peace prize many times one exclusive or more? 65 peace prize by one person alone. The 29 peace prize was shared by two people. The 2 peace prize is shared by three people. The Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 and 2011. How many people or organizations have won the Nobel Peace Prize? A total of 129 individuals or organizations have been awarded the Nobel peace prize, of which 103 individuals received, the group received a group of 26. As the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) won three times, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) won the award for the two time, so a total of 103 individuals and 23 organizations won the Nobel peace prize. The average age of the Peace Prize winner? 1901-2015, the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s average age of 61 years. The youngest Peace Prize winner? Malala yousafzai · so far, the youngest winner of the Nobel peace prize is malala yousafzai ·. In 2014, the 17 year old malala yousafzai · was awarded the Nobel peace prize, became the youngest winner of the award. The oldest winner? Joseph · Blatter’s Nobel peace prize, the oldest winner is Joseph · Blatter Roth, received the award in 1995 when he was 87 years old. How many women have won the Nobel Peace Prize? Of the 103 Peace Prize winners, there are about 16 women. The first won the Nobel Peace Prize for women is Bertha von · · Suttner, in 1905 for her contribution to the peace movement and winning. In addition to the 14 winning women are: Bertha von · · schuttner, Jane Adams, · Emily · Betty · Williams, Barchi, Merid) &middo相关的主题文章: