Wuchang staged "War Within Three Kingdoms" shareholding pattern: 13 shareholders suspected consistent action hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times reporter Ceng Can a letter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange "the letter of supervision", let the recent long gold investment placards Wuchang (600275) once again become the focus of the market. Wuchang holding 4.85% of the third largest shareholder of Wuhan fidelity, there may be more than concerted action and non disclosure. The evening of September 28th, Wuchang announced that the company received the Shanghai letter of inquiry, whether there is concerted action among the Wuhan stock and also asked to verify the fidelity 12 natural person shareholders. The Shanghai stock exchange market supervision found that Wuhan union fidelity, Yang Qing, Li Bingqing, Zhang Jie, Ling Ling, Liu Hao and so on a total of 13 shareholders account for the existence of association, suspected to constitute a concerted action person. As of September 26th, Wuhan mutual fidelity and Yang Qing several accounts total shareholding of more than 5% of the total share capital of the company, the above 13 shareholders total shareholding of more than 10% of the total share capital of the company. In view of this, the Shanghai stock exchange required to verify the relevant shareholder wuchangyu, such as the existence of concerted action, the company should supervise according to the "procedures" provisions of acquisition of listed companies, and timely disclosure obligations, the disclosure of the report of changes in equity. Securities Times · e reporter noted that as of the end of June this year, the 12 natural person shareholders, only Liu Hao Wuchang entered the top ten shareholders, the shareholding ratio of 0.4%. In the first quarter of this year before and Wuchang in the top ten shareholders have no Liu Hao figure. Like Liu Hao, Wuhan fidelity is also in the two quarter of this year before buying heavily Wuchang, and become the second largest shareholder of the company. In August 26th, Wuchang released semi annual report, the shareholding ratio of joint fidelity to the public since the beginning of Zhao, the 1 month period, Wuchang shares rose nearly 50%. The two quarter began to layout Wuchang Lian Fu DA and Liu Hao, from the perspective of stocks floating profit, has obvious benefit. In A stock market more than 10 years early investors said that the capital market is not standardized, there are people to operate the same stocks through many account control, the formation of profit on stock price manipulation; from the common sense point of view, if the company’s development prospects and investment, an investment target need not use more than 10 an account to the operation, a higher transaction costs, and will leave speculation even suspected of price manipulation. If the concerted action relationship is confirmed, Yang Qing and other partners may face more market torture. In this environment, and then compare the long gold investment holdings placards and spared no expense to boost the stock price commitment, objective facts, is also difficult to distinguish these two forces in Wuchang on operation is a coincidence or understanding. According to the Wuchang is that, whether it is gold investment or joint fidelity, were not on the holdings of company matters and communicate effectively, in other words, the company and the two are currently not reached cooperation intention. Huapu investment theory

武昌鱼股权格局上演“三国杀”:13名股东疑似一致行动人 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   证券时报记者 曾灿   一封上交所的《监管工作函》,让近期被长金投资举牌的武昌鱼(600275)再度成为市场焦点。武昌鱼持股4.85%的第三大股东武汉联富达,可能存在多名一致行动人而未予披露。   9月28日晚间,武昌鱼公告称,公司收到上交所问询函,要求核实武汉联富达与另外12名自然人股东之间是否存在一致行动关系。   上交所在市场监察中发现,武汉联富达、杨青、李冰清、张杰、望灵、柳浩等共计13名股东账户之间存在关联,疑似构成一致行动人。截至9月26日,武汉联富达与杨青的数个账户合计持股超过公司总股本的5%,上述13名股东合计持股超过公司总股本的10%。   鉴于此,上交所要求武昌鱼向相关股东核实情况,如存在一致行动关系,公司应督促其按《上市公司收购管理办法》的规定,及时履行信息披露义务,披露相应的权益变动报告书。   证券时报·e公司记者注意到,截至今年6月底,上述12名自然人股东中,仅柳浩进入武昌鱼前十大股东之列,持股比例为0.4%。在今年一季度及之前,武昌鱼前十大股东中并无柳浩身影。与柳浩一样,武汉联富达也是在今年二季度才大举买入武昌鱼,并成为公司当时的第二大股东。   8月26日,武昌鱼公布半年报,联富达的持股比例昭之于众,自此开始的1个月时间内,武昌鱼股价涨幅近五成。而二季度开始布局武昌鱼的联富达、柳浩等,从股票浮盈的角度来看,已明显从中受益。   有参与A股市场十多年的投资者表示,早年资本市场尚不规范之时,确有人通过其控制的诸多账号来操作同一只股票,形成对股价的操纵而盈利;从常理来看,若因看好公司发展前景而投资,一个投资标的大可不必用10多个账户来操作,一来交易成本更高,二来会留下炒作甚至操纵股价的嫌疑。   倘若上述一致行动人关系被确认,联富达及杨青等可能会面临更多市场拷问。此境之下,再对比长金投资的举牌及不惜重金的增持承诺、客观助推股价上扬的事实,亦难以分辨这两股力量在武昌鱼上的运作是巧合还是默契。   按照武昌鱼给出的说法,不论是长金投资还是联富达,均未就增持事宜与公司进行有效沟通,换句话说,公司方面与二者目前均未达成合作意向。华普投资目前持有武昌鱼20.77%的股份,为公司控股股东;长金投资持有公司5%的股份,并将至少增持至10%。从武昌鱼的角度来讲,若公司又多了一名股权控制比例在10%以上的股东,其股权格局将变得更加复杂,或将影响华普投资在武昌鱼重大事项上的决策话语权。   不过,据法律界人士介绍,若联富达等13名股东构成一致行动人的关系被确认,其可能涉嫌信息披露违规;虽无法律依据令其卖出相应股票,但违规可能会被交易所给予谴责、罚款等纪律处分,甚至限制其在上市公司表决权的行使。   另据武昌鱼相关负责人介绍,公司预计最快于10月12日披露上述核实结果。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: