Enanthema subitum: because the incidence of symptoms and causes of maternal and child therapy – Sohu two infants exanthema subitum is the main reason for emergency treatment of human herpesvirus 6 infection and immunity to the baby, specifically: 1, human herpes simplex virus type 6 infection. Exanthema subitum pathogen for human herpes virus type 6. The fetus can be obtained through the placenta from the maternal antibody, exanthema subitum y in 6-18 months baby, 3 years after the onset of the rainy season in spring and autumn are rare, more, no differences in gender. 2, baby resistance is low. Less than 1 years old baby development is not complete, the ability to resist disease. Especially after 6 months of the baby, from the maternal antibodies and other anti infective substances such as iron and other nutrients levels slowly decreased, while the baby’s ability to synthesize their own antibodies is not perfect. Therefore, the baby’s ability to resist infectious diseases gradually decline, susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases, especially common cold, fever. Five symptoms of exanthema subitum symptoms of measles exanthema subitum in two stages, in the latent period of 5-15 days after the first symptoms appear as follows: 1, the temperature suddenly reaches 39 DEG -40 DEG C, and will continue to have a fever for three or four days, but the spirit of the child a good appetite. 2, with fever after drug fever, the efficacy is over and began to have a fever. 3, high fever, most diarrhea, stool syrup, and rarely runny nose, cough, or mild symptoms. 4, sometimes appear febrile seizures, some children will cough, neck lymph node swelling and other symptoms. 5, blood routine examination showed decreased white blood cells and lymphocytes increased significantly. 1, the commonly used method of treatment of exanthema subitum treatment of exanthema subitum is mainly heat, heat caused by internal strife. At present, the hospital uses more than Merrill Lynch suspension, it is a liquid, more suitable for children under the age of 1-2. In addition, also can properly take Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, Yinqiaojiedu particles, heat clearing and detoxicating oral liquid medicine. At the same time, 2 massage therapy in the use of Chinese medicine treatment of children, can use massage therapy, also has certain curative effect on the treatment of a variety of exanthema rash, and no pain, no side effects, it is easy for children to accept. Parents can push the Tianzhu bone (i.e. cervical manipulation is pushed down from the top), rubbing Fengchi, temple, three, six fu. Generally need to do 2-3 minutes, a point massage 3-5 minutes. Because of children’s skin tender, easy to be injured, so when you need a massage medium, if children have a fever, mint water or talcum powder with water, can.相关的主题文章: