Internet-and-Business-Online If you are starting a business online or simply wish to write out your thoughts, it’s constantly ideal to locate the very best Blog Sites. As a seasoned marketer, I’ve personally tried out some of these platforms and can provide you some suggestions. I’ve categorized the Best Blog Sites so that you could make the ideal decision. VS. WordPress is my first suggestion. I highly recommend WordPress to people that want to make a real business. Now there is difference between the .org and .com versions of WordPress. is the free version. There you can build a blog that is not business related. There are different themes to choose from and it’s a good place to blog if you just want to blog for a hobby. is a web 2.0 property and is a great place to blog and build links to your main is where all the magic happens. You can make a blog there or a full website. You can get themes that will make your site/blog to run and look like it’s a professionally designed site. There are some pros and cons, but there are more pro then cons in my opinion. Cons to 1) You require your own holding account. This really is a pro since you have your material and can start it as you like. 2)There is a finding out curve. You need to merely act and obtain filthy, yet it’s well worth the initiative. I learned all I had to understand from Youtube. 3)You need to start from scratch. You will certainly have to set up headers and some style styles that will make your website look good. You will certainly additionally need to build up domain name authority gradually so you will be able to rate for key phrases. (Domain Authority is a rating from 0-100 that demonstrates how likely you have the ability to place for a key phrase.) Pros to 1) You own the content. 2) With the massive quantities of styles available you could make you website appeal exactly the method you want. 3) There are plugins that will do points for your site that you can not get anywhere else. For example: I make use of a plugin that makes stunning press pages and it’s all factor and click. 4) Google likes the way WordPress websites look. Plus they are SEO friendly, which means it’s easier to rank on the Serps. 5) Ease of use. After using it’s very easy to utilize and enjoyable. Blogger Blogger is owned by Google and it’s mainly a free site. I started on Blogger because it seemed a lot easier. Blogger has a wide variety of themes and they look nice. I’ve personally used Blogger for niche websites to make money, but just because I got away with it doesn’t mean it’s allowed. You can buy your own domain for Blooger and get rid of the blogspot at the end. I did this at one time and I’m not positive if I lost the Blogger Domain Authority. I soon out grew Blogger because the themes are limited and I had less control. This is when I got into WordPress and never looked back. The Weebly Platform I’ve personally used The Weebly Platform. It’s fun to use yet it has an expensive monthly fee. The interface is drag and drop and it messes up from time to time. You just can’t build a superior website or blog with The Weebly Platform. Tumblr I’ve seen a lot of Tumblr blogs and they are generally photo cds and if that is what you are into that is awesome and you must consider utilizing Tumblr, due to the fact that you would be apart of a neighborhood that is willing to share your things. Typepad I’ve seen a bunch of Tumblr blogs and they are mostly photo albums and hey if that is exactly what you enjoy that is cool and you ought to think about making use of Tumblr, since you would be apart of a neighborhood that is willing to share your stuff. In conclusion I would say: if you want to blog look at all the options out there besides WordPress. If you want to build a business I would consider to be the best. Simply for the following facts.If you need download pages, squeeze pages, member areas, sales pages and a blog/website all in one place and on the same platform then consider If you want a blog and just blog I would recommend Blogger. They are from Google so you may get their favor in your rankings and if you site gets an overload of traffic then they will take care of it. Copyright (c) 2013 Bill Willhieght About the Author: 相关的主题文章: