The trend of net sales of prescription drugs, social security card online settlement, taking clear – Sohu health pharmaceutical industry people are subscribing to our, what are you hesitating? In November 8th, the Department issued "on the issuance of" Internet plus service "2020 program of action notice", the full deployment of human society in the field of "Internet plus" action plan. Under the plan, relying on the social security card, big data et al the field of community resources, promote the "Internet plus government services". Plan clearly, the social security card will open 102 application directory, loading payment functions, support for various types of payment and treatment to enjoy the application. At the same time, the payment platform in cooperation with WeChat, Alipay and three party data, building a unified, open medical information exchange interface, in the premise of safety control, support the relevant agencies to carry out online purchase of medicines and other applications…… First, the net sales of prescription drugs, social security card online settlement is the trend of "action plan" proposed, "Internet plus service" will be relying on the advantages of resources to the social security card, big data in the field of construction agency et al, "Internet plus" innovation ability system, focusing on the "basic ability Internet plus service" promotion, management service innovation, social collaboration and development of 3 kinds of sub operations, including a total of 48 themes. In the 48 theme of action, the application of the social security card, the intensity is quite large. Including the opening of the social security card of the 102 application directory, the universal realization of inter regional card applications, and other public services with the government to achieve a common card". In terms of payment and settlement capabilities, accelerate the social security card loading financial functions to support the kind of payment and treatment enjoy the application. Construction of human social security payment and settlement platform, with a wide range of cooperation with commercial banks, third party payment platform and other payment channels, expand social security card online payment settlement model. This means that in the near future, Alipay, WeChat will also support the social security card, online payment. More convenience is pointed out in the plan, the construction of a unified health insurance settlement data exchange interface, support and all kinds of social payment channels application integration and opening up, in the premise of safety control under support of the relevant agencies to carry out online purchase of medicines and other applications. This means that, in recognition of community sector institutions online purchase of medicines, will also be available to the social security card online settlement. Two, net sales of prescription drugs to promote the reform of public hospitals in the sale of prescription drugs is of great significance, because our country’s health care reform into the deep water area, we must break the monopoly of public hospitals, the implementation of a comprehensive reform. At the same time to get rid of the public hospital to take the medicine mechanism, must let the patients in the hospital system, can get low-cost drugs better purchasing and distribution channels, otherwise the hospital still can have a variety of ways to obtain benefits (even if the abolition of zero addition, the hospital also can use various means to manufacturers reverse to benefit). Hold the original Medicare card can only buy patients in the hospital or in the drugstore, when he can buy prescription drugs directly to the mobile payment on the Internet, one of which is break the monopoly of the public hospitals from the technology way, thus entering the growth pattern of Eco Drive, are not afraid of the long and seedling, more transparent and efficient procedures. Promote pharmaceutical manufacturers)相关的主题文章: