The United States over 100 thousand people petitioned to revoke Chinese police officers, the White House responded to the White House petition website screenshot, White House petition website screenshot original title: the American Chinese "revocation of the beam Peter prosecution" petition signature broken 100 thousand! The White House response [global network Roundup] according to the American media reported on February 20th, the New York Chinese police Peter Liang was convicted of caused anger and dissatisfaction of the Chinese nation, in order to support the Peter beam, the Chinese in the United States issued a Petition Petition on the White House website, request the prosecutor to withdraw the prosecution of Liang Bi. By the end of the petition, nearly 124 thousand people had signed the petition. The White House responded. The petition said: "the prosecutor Peter Liang for political purposes, Asian police beam Peter became a scapegoat." The petition also mentioned earlier in the Ferguson Brown case and Garner case in Staten Island – the police officers involved were not prosecuted. And Liang Peter was just the gun fire through the ceiling anti ejection to the victim Gray, not intentionally killed. The White House petition website replied: "the White House can not intervene to decide whether the state attorney or district attorney will prosecute someone. For this case, the New York police department and the district attorney are the best source of more information about the case." The White House also says the authorities have been committed to creating safer, more powerful communities. However, there are deep distrust among many races, races and law enforcement agencies of different colors in the United states. Law enforcement agencies in order to protect the safety of people, and in the past period of time, whether it is Ferguson or New York’s Staten Island, or Cleveland or Baltimore (the city had African controversial death in the process of law enforcement officers), these events have let the nation and even the world to pay attention to this the problem. As the Minister of justice Lynch said in May, the issue of trust between the police and the people is the problem of the times. Each city should have its own world-class police force to serve the people. And every police officer should have the appropriate training, tools and support to ensure that they do their job effectively and safely. The White House said in reply to their federal or state position cannot interfere in the judicial process, but acknowledged that the outbreak of the conflict too much colour, and law enforcement agencies across the country, hope that President Obama has set up in December last year, the twenty-first Century security panel can not solve the trust problem between process and minority communities. The White House also mentioned that Obama a series of initiatives for the contradiction between the police, including the establishment of law enforcement experts, academics and community leaders, civil rights leader, the task force, a strong commitment to building a harmonious relationship with the public, including police officers should be made to expand the scope of a portable camera. Reported that, in fact, although the White House in response to a petition to affect the judicial process, but this kind of public support activities can let more people know about the Peter case in the United States and the beam’s vulnerable situation, on the one hand, and growth momentum, called for social concern, on the other hand also can unite the agency Qunli amount. With all kinds of "on the nation’s major city planning in a beam" demonstrations, enough to see the Chinese have more and more courage to speak for themselves, refusing to be a "dumb American", also will not do prop

美国超10万人请愿撤销起诉华裔警员 白宫回应 白宫请愿网站截图 白宫请愿网站截图   原标题:美华人“撤销对梁彼得起诉”请愿签名破10万!白宫回应   【环球网综合报道】据美媒2月20日报道,纽约华裔警察梁彼得被定罪后引起全美华人的不满与愤怒,为了声援梁彼得,在美华人在白宫请愿网站上发表请愿书,要求检察官撤销对梁彼得的起诉。至请愿结束,请愿书上已经有近12.4万民众签字。美国白宫做出了回应。   请愿书写道:“检察官出于政治目的起诉梁彼得,亚裔警员梁彼得成为了一只替罪羔羊。”请愿书还提到此前发生的弗格森布朗案和史丹顿岛加纳案中的非亚裔涉案警员均未被起诉。而梁彼得当时只是枪支走火经天花板反弹射到了被害人格雷,并非故意杀害。   白宫请愿网站回复到:“白宫不能插手决定州检察官或者地区检察官是否对某人提出起诉,对于此案,纽约市警察局和地区检察官才是此案更多信息的最佳来源。”白宫还表示,当局一直致力创建更安全,更强大的社区。然而在全美多地,不同肤色的种族和执法机关之间却存在着深深的不信任。执法机关是为了保护 人们的安全,而在过去的一段时间中,无论是弗格森还是纽约的史丹顿岛,亦或是克利夫兰还是巴尔的摩(这些城市都发生过具有争议的非裔在警员执法过程中致死 事件),这些事件都让全美甚至世界都关注这一问题。正像五月份司法部长林奇所说的,警民之间的信任问题是这个时代的问题,每个城市都应该有属于自己的世界 一流的警力为民众的安全服务。而每一个警员,都应该享有相应的训练,工具和支持来保证他们有效安全的做好本职工作。   白宫在回复中表示以他们的立场不能干预联邦或州府的司法进程,但承认全美爆发了太多有色种族和执法机构的冲突,希望奥巴马总统在去年12月设立 的21世纪治安专门小组能够解决进程和少数族裔社区之间的不信任问题。白宫还提到奥巴马对于警民矛盾之间的一系列举措,包括成立执法专家,学院派和社区领 袖,民权领袖在内的特遣小组,致力于建设有力和谐的警民关系,还包括提出应扩大警员佩带随身摄像头的范围等。   报道称,事实上,虽然白宫回应请愿无法影响司法进程,但这种公开支持活动可以让更多的人了解梁彼得案和在美华人的弱势处境,一方面壮大声势,呼 吁社会关注,另一方面也能凝聚社群力量。加上全美各大城市筹划中的各种“挺梁”游行示威活动,足以可见华人已经越来越敢于为自己发声,拒做“哑裔”,也绝 不再做主流社会眼中那些“沉默的模范少数群体”。   目前北美三十多个城市和地区的华人纷纷策划声援梁彼得的游行。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: