The weather is getting cold, pregnant mother can eat hot pot? Sohu maternal photo from the network the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi a poem, a vivid description of the cold season Hot pot feast pleasure: "green ants new cool wine red small stove. Late day to snow, can drink a cup?" Hot pot, for many people, it is the cold winter a tonic. Especially physical chills like me, the winter cold feet warm warm, not hot, one minute is simply mention Hot pot, shining eyes, unable to stop the pace. However, in a special period of pregnant mother, what can eat hot pot? Last winter, I was good in the second trimester, to eat Hot pot also afraid of one, after all, many people still think that Hot pot has impact on the pregnant mother and the birth of the baby. In October, its hard not to mention, who do not want to give birth to a healthy baby intelligent? If only in order to meet their own desires and regret, why not endure? However, the kind of look at others and their own mad pharynx slobber gobble down feeling too does not belong to the "chowhound" nature. So, could not help but about their friends around a few doctors, Hot pot topic, a smoke and a collocation these fragrance Hot pot "serious" discussion. Pictures from the network [pregnant mother to eat hot pot reason] 1, soup bottom. As everyone knows, the pregnant mother should as far as possible to maintain the diet of light, but Hot pot soup are hardcore, or some Chinese medicine pot, this for the special constitution of the pregnant mother is not appropriate. On the other hand is the repeated consumption of soup, the content of nitrite can be high, and nitrite in our body into nitrosamines. Nitrosamines is a strong carcinogen, is the world’s recognized carcinogens, will induce gastric cancer, colon cancer, cardiovascular disease and other diseases, and its toxicity may also be passed to the baby through the placenta. 2, meat. For if there is no chowhound, eat Hot pot rinse meat, like eating crab crab did not go to Beijing, did not see the Tiananmen feeling! But as the pregnant mother, is the biggest risk Hot pot to eat all kinds of meat. Rinse. A lot of people think of cattle and sheep meat son into the pot, discoloration can eat, if the cooking time is long, will lose its fresh taste. But for pregnant mothers, if fresh meat can not be cooked thoroughly, after eating will cause toxoplasmosis into the body, and then harm children. Take the lamb, about 60% sheep with Toxoplasma gondii, if only in the soup over eating immediately, so the larvae will Toxoplasma have not been killed in the meat with the blood against the mother and fetus. After the onset of the disease occurred, only flu like mother, but for children, Toxoplasma will protect their brain, and brain or anencephaly, more serious is stillborn and abortion. In addition the fat in the meat more, if pregnant mothers eat too much, it is easy to gain weight; and Hot pot soup base and a large number of purine, will hurt the body, let the mother of the kidney more terribly fatigued. 3!相关的主题文章: