Software There are many digital publishing services out there in the market place. With most of the websites available today being a reseller. There are also a few software solutions that provide an actual license to put the end user in control of the digital publishing process. But, there are no digital publishing software solutions that gives you full management, customization, unlimited publishing for the lifetime of a license, very attractive features, and cutting edge technology for a super low entry level price. Now there is – Flip Effect Page Flip Effect Digital Publishing Software. Page Flip Effect is now putting the power of digital publishing, at the most affordable price available today. Loaded with features including vector graphics, translation, full customization, and the creation of offline and online versions, this software is taking the industry by storm. If you are paying a service to conver your pdf files into online digital publications, stop today. For the same cost, you can create an unlimited number of publications for the lifetime of the license you purchase and be in control from concept to completion. That means self host and make changes when you want to or need to. If you are not digitizing your publication into this page turn format, you might want to consider making the switch as soon as possible. With this format you can save costs on printing, the ability to reach a wider audience, remake your marketing campaign, go green and be environmentally friendly; but most importantly, be able to advise your clients and constituency that you are a contemporary company and are "with it". Today, any pdf file, whether a brochure, newsletter, magazine, newspaper, proposal, deposition, etc can be turned into an online digital publication where all you have to do is send and embed a hyperlink anywere since your digital publication will be live on the internet and reachable all over the world. No more files, no more scrolling down a page; now your audience will flip through your pages as if they are holding your documents, see your videos, hear your audios, and you will absolutely capture their attention. For more information about Flip Effect please go to ..FlipEffect.. or email us at [email protected] ; there are great samples and a free download to try a trial version of the full version software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: